Release (Rule 17 of the Juvenile (Care and Protection and Children) Rules, 2001)

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(3) The release shall be as per the pre-release and post-release plan prepared under the individual care plan and reviewed from time to time by the Management Committee set up under Rule 55 of these rules and in all cases of release necessary action and preparation shall be initiated well before the time of release and shall include preparation for post-release follow up.

(4) A timely information of the release of a juvenile or child and of the exact date of release shall be given to the parent or guardian and the parent or the guardian shall be invited to come to the institution to take charge of the juvenile or child on that date.

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(5) If necessary, the actual expenses of the parent’s or guardian’s journey both ways and of the juvenile’s or child’s journey from the institution shall be paid to the parent or guardian by the Officer-in-Charge at the time of the release of the juvenile or child.

(6) If the parent or guardian, as the case may be, fails to come and take charge of the juvenile or child on the appointed date, the juvenile or child shall be taken by the escort of the institution; and in case of a girl, she shall be escorted by a female escort.

(7) At the time of release or discharge, a juvenile or child may be provided with a set of summer or winter clothing, if the officer-in-charge deems it necessary.

(8) If the juvenile or child has no parent or guardian, he may be sent to an after-care organization, or in the event of employment to the person who has undertaken to employ the juvenile or child.

(9) The Officer-in-Charge of a girl’s institution, subject to the approval of the competent authority, may get suitable girls above the age of eighteen years married according to the procedure laid down by that authority from time to time.

(10) The Officer-in-Charge shall order the discharge of any juvenile or child, the period of whose detention has expired and inform the competent authority within seven days of the action taken, and if, the date of release falls on a Sunday or another public holiday, the juvenile or child may be released on the preceding day with an entry to that effect being made in the register of discharge.

(11) The Officer-in-Charge shall in appropriate cases, order the payment of subsistence money, at such rates as may be fixed from time to time and the railway or road, or both, fare, as the case may be.

(12) In deserving cases, the Officer-in-Charge may provide the juvenile with such small tools, as may be necessary; to start a work or business subject to such maximum cost as may be fixed by the institution.

(13) The Officer-in-Charge may, subject to the approval of the competent authority allow at their own request such girls as have no place to go, to stay in the institution after the period of their stay is over, till the time some other suitable arrangements are made.


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