Nicolle heard her grandmother yelling at the cleaning

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Nicolle Brown The relationship between parents and grandparents are never the same but leave always leave a lasting memory no matter the situation. Rather it’s good or bad it has a lasting impact on our lives through the years as we read in these two stories. Even though the writers had two different experiences they both had lasting memories that will stay with them. In the essay “The Color of Love”, the writer Danzy Senna tells the story of her grandmother who was also a writer but they were as different as night and day.Her grandmother was Irish but from the country’s Protestant elite who married a lawyer from America fell in love and had a daughter from this union. Her daughter fell in love with a black man and had three children which didn’t sit well with the grandmother who preferred that her daughter would have married her own kind. Even though the grandmother had black grandchildren she was still a racist. Danzy wanted to love her grandmother but the differences between them was very strong and put a strain on their relationship.

Danzy grandmother was also an alcoholic who let her feeling come out about her granddaughter and her relationships.Like on night when she asked her “Do you have a man? ” and then asked “What is he? ” to find out what his race was. But one day their relationship came to a head when Danzy heard her grandmother yelling at the cleaning lady and Danzy stepped in and told her grandmother “Don’t you ever talk to her that way” and that slavery was abolished long ago. Her grandmother than thought this had everything to do with race. Danzy told her this was about respect and they had an argument that marked the beginning of a whole new relationship.Danzy started to visit her grandmother more even though her grandmother did things that still angered her they had more of a relationship up until the day she died. It was Danzy, her mother, and her aunts that were there until the end.

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In the essay “Once More to the Lake” The writer E. B. White, the writer tells the story of how he use to go the lake with his father as a kid, always on August 1st for a month and when he got older he had stopped going to the lake. Until one day he had such a strong feeling that he his self a couple of bass hooks and a spinner and returned to the lake with his own son.His own son had never had never been up to the lake and he wanted his son to experience the same things he experienced with his own father when they use to go up to the lake. As he and his son spent time at the lake he started to have the feeling that he was his father and his son was he. The feeling was so strong that one day when thay went fishing he saw a dragonfly that reminded him of a memory when he was young but this time it was his son who was watching the dragonfly.

As he watched his son he wrote that “It was my hands that held that held his rod, my eyes watching.I felt dizzy and I didn’t know which rod I was at the end of. ” That trip reminded him of the and his father so much he wrote that “Everywhere we went I had trouble making out which was I, the one walking at my side, the one walking in my pants. ” This made them have a bond that couldn’t be described.

In both stories we read the impact that these relationships had on both the writer in a negative and in a positive way. But no matter what in both essays the writes had memories that impacted them in their adult lives to the point that it shaped them to be the adults they became. Word Count: 665


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