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Rebecka1) Is “Rebecka” a suitable name of the the book? Why?/Why not? Another name? Why is it called Rebecka?Yes, I think its the perfect name of the book since everything, every subject is circulating around her.

Her name characterizes the book so well. Rebecka doesnt leave too much of a space for other things in the book, even though shes dead.2) What does people think about Rebecka? Does everybody like her? How was she really like?Friends, servants, strangers, they all adored her. She was the beautiful, sweet, tender and loving lady who every woman wanted to be friend with who every man would just like feel the scent of. They all loved loved. Almost.

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There were some persons who had a more special relationship with and therefore liked her diffrently. To begin with, the housekeeper, Mrs Danvers. She probably loved her most of them all.

She devoted all her life to raise and help and make her the woman she knew she would never become herself. She and Rebecka were very close. Rebeckas death was an extremly hard crush to Mrs Danvers.

Like a mother who loses her one and only child who was her everything. But she always feels Rebeckas presence and therefore keeps the house as it always was. When the new Mrs de Winter came to take Rebeckas place Mrs Danvers went furious. Not only could she not stand with the thought that someone was going to take Rebeckas precious place and the one to do it was a joke.

In her eyes a shy brat that even the servants laughed at. Maxim liked her for a beginning but the fifth day after their marriage he realizes how shes really like. She played with him and other men. He couldnt divorce her since their marriage seemed perfect on the surface.

But she didnt really love him. She told him things like what life would be like for him later when they had a child and he wouldnt be sure of whose father it was.Not either her cousine Jack Favell.

Jack loved Rebecka very much and he met her many times in a cottage near the sea. They had an affair and Jack wanted to get rid of Maxim in some way.3) Why does not Mrs Danvers like the new Mrs de Winter? Who is she? See above7) What happened to Rebecka? What was the verdict in the court? What kind of a person was Rebecka? What does the narrator think about her? Why had Rebecka seen Dr Baker? What did the writer think about about the visit there.Rebecka had smiling been shot in her heart by Maxim in the little cottage near the sea.

He had washed of the blood with water from the sea and taken her to her boat, put her inside, shut the cabin, turned on the sea-cocks, made three holes in the boat and then, probably, swam back to shore. The Coroner gave the verdict, suicide. The narrator hated Rebecka. Not because she was Maxims former wife, no, but since she infiltrated hers and Maxims life and made them to a living hell. Because she disturbed Maxim, because she was compared to her in every way. Rebecka had a feeling that there was a child on the way.

She had gone to Dr Baker for a birthcontrol. The results were shocking. There were two things: She could never have a child, she was probably crushed, everything so perfect and then this? But there was something else. She had a deadly disease wich would take her life in six months with pain. That changed things.

She was no longer afraid of death. Her smile was a sign of her gain, the aftermaths was a token that showed who won the game. Rebecka X)Who set the fire?I think that that Mrs Danvers set the fire but she probably told Fawell and he was most certainly in on it but Mrs Danvers set the fire. She possesed most negative energy and hate than any character in the whole.

Betraid and shocked in thousands ways.


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