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Art it is considered a very important area of knowledge. Through years art has been used to illuminate human behaviour, express feeling and ideas, as a way to escape the harsh reality and to find peace, to save the culture and the history from disappearing. Finding a way which gives pleasure rather than utility, has always been man`s desire. That`s where art was borned, and started to grow more complex. But `why Humans created art? ` ; `Why art can be so important in our lives? ` .

These are the questions I want to answer in this essay, including the response of spectators towards art.Art`s aim is to evoke and develop an aesthetic response or reaction in the audience. This is the characteristic which makes an art object very different from a random one. Art work is created with the intention of pleasing or provoking feelings inside people who see it. So, we can say art and the way it is judged is directly related to the emotions it creates on the public and how its message it is percepted my humans. If we understand what the artist has tried to shows us through his art, we are most likely to like it more.People when judging an piece of art, try to discover or observe the concept of beauty on it, which they can rely on or find themselves.

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This concept it can be very important on how a piece of art is classified. Another criteria which distinguishes art from non-art is the skill of the artist: the quality of the work, the way it is presented to people. Usually, with a beautiful piece of art, people mean art which includes beautiful objects, people, phenomens which adapt to reality we live in.But a good art cannot be considered good, only because of its content and its physical beauty which may or may not inspire emotions inside us. A good piece of art it includes its form, thoughts the artist merged inside it, originality and techinal skills as well. And here is the point where emotion and reason come together to judge this art.

Being more exposed to familiar and the content of an art, rather than abstract art and its form, peple have been not supportive and hostile towards to new developed artistic movements.For example: Picasso`s Les Demoiselles d`Avignon which now it is considered great and unique piece of art. So, we can say that another criteria of art, is how people perceive art in that specific period of time. People`s ideas change through time, so the attitude towards art does. This is the reason why we appeal to more professional judgement to classify if an object is art or not, even why it is argued that this is very ineffective methods as tastes of people are very different from each other.But, in reality a psychoanalyst or a good critic may see the art in more views a normal person or the artist does, revealing new messages or undiscovered characteristics. Public response to art it doesn`t only involve reason and emotion. Language is able to directly affect on my judgment about an art.

Knowing that the artist want to communicate a message to spectators , we need to understand the grammar and vocabulary of art in order to know what the artist means. When people`s ordinary language it is not able to solve the uniqueness or the complexity of a piece of art, they don`t feel deeply enough emotions to be attracted from this art.We undertook a short art field trip in the Picture Gallery of Christ Church to observe art from a closer look and to prove our theory in practice.

It was interesting to see aesthetic appearance of the building, their form : made of limestone and sandstone, sunlight reflecting and making the colour lighter and a perfect simetry between them, gave us a clear vision of 18th century art and I personally felt the feeling of being very balanced, clear and organised at that specific moment.When we entered a gallery, we noticed that the red carpet, the white colour of the room highlighted more the paitings which were mainly medieval pictures, and created a beautiful harmony between the modern and the ancient. The paintings had more religion (Christianity) as subject where Virgin Mary and Jesus dominated, which is very casual for the ideology of 18th century about religion. Some of them were: “The Virgin adoring Christ Church“ by Jacopo del Sellaio ; “The adoration of the shepherds“ by Francesko Zuccarelli ; “The birth of Virgin“ by Corradi etc..Observing these paitings, I noticed some common features such as: A harmony and love dominated them, transmitting the same emotions to me and making me to feel happy and peaceful ; Virgin Mary coat was blue in all pictures : Knowing the fact that in 18th century the colour of blue was very difficult to be obtained, so they used to paint it in blue to create the uniqueness and peculiarity of Virgin Mary ; Jesus was painted in an illuminated white colour to show his purity, the good destiny he would bring to people and to show he was the symbol of paradise, of an angel.Based on my personal experience in judging these painting, I noticed that in some of the paintings emotions transmitted were much stronger compared to some other ones, but after reading some of the information each painting had available, I understand better the message of the painting, thus I had a different attitute for the second time I observed it.Following this, I believe that reason and emotion are very important judging criteria for ART module, and I believe they should both taken in consideration when an art is adjudicated.

Finally, after the interesting trip in The Art Gallery of Christ Church, I realised Art is very important part of our lives. Without Art, Life would be in black and white, grey, cold and extremely unattractive. Art is a reflection of who we are. Humans evoluate, Art follows.


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