Reading-Is It Important?

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Soriano, Rachel English 091 July 19 2011 Reading-Is It Important? Reading can be such a broad topic in America today. How important is it, why do we read, the questions are endless but to what extent is reading really important? There are so many issues going on around the globe such as illegal immigration, abortion and the new health care reform. Reading is no where near as important as those topics, those issues can change one’s life forever and reading is just something we do without even noticing. It comes natural to a human being in the 21st century.

In Rick Moody’s piece “The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading” he is arguing that there is no right or wrong way to read. I agree with Moody’s opinion that there is no right or wrong way to read something because we all are created differently with different minds which means we all interpret things in a different way. Moody has one argument in his piece which is-there is no right or wrong way to read something. He states “There are those critics, of course, who insist that there are right ways and wrong ways to read every book.

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No doubt they arrived at those beliefs through their own adventures in the stacks” (pg. 4). This is key point in Moody’s argument because he isn’t in denial that there are those people that believe there is one right way to read something but he knows that that’s their opinion and even though he doesn’t agree with them, he isn’t negative about their point of view nor does he bash them, to each’s own. For my second key point Moody states “I believe in reading up on what others have to say about this difficult book , and then making up my own mind” (pg. ). He doesn’t believe everything he hears about a book which is something I really respect from him, it’s so easy to form an opinion on something or someone just based on what others have to say. He listens to what they say and then figures it out for himself later forming his own opinion. After reading Moody’s argument I completely agree with him. There is no one in this world that could tell us what the right and wrong way’s to read are.

We were all created differently which means we all look at things with a different viewpoint. There should never be a limitation on reading, we have the freedom as human beings to interpret something any way we want too. Books have that power to take you into your thoughts and really examine what your thoughts are on the book and how you feel and when it’s fiction it can take you into the story and get you to really use your imagination, there can be no limitations when it comes to your own thoughts and your own imagination.

Rick Moody said “I believe in the absolute and unlimited liberty of reading, I believe in wandering through the stacks and picking out the first thing that strikes me” (pg. 3) and later in the essay he said “I believe there is not now and never will be an authority who can tell me how to interpret, how to read, how to find the pearl of literary meaning in all cases” (pg. 4). The author clearly believes that reading should be left up to the imagination and the reader should have complete control on how he or she looks at the book they are reading.

After reading this piece, Moody definitely caught my attention with the idea that there are people out there that believe there is a certain way to read something and you never really realize how seriously people take the topic of reading and how many different opinions there are on the issue. Reading is something we do so naturally just like breathing or walking. Moody reminded us throughout his essay that we are the creators of how we read something and the opinion we form on it.


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