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A Letter to the Editor Eugene Robinson Your article “You Have the Right to Remain a Target of Racial Profiling,” was rather entertaining and not based on all factual evidence. I do not solely base my opinions on statistical data from one source. You quoted percentages from the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics report which stated that Hispanics, African Americans and Whites were most likely to be pulled over for a traffic offense. Percentages can be alarming when used in this context, and I agree that this would be a very persuasive argument for racial biases.

But, because statistics say that ‘all races’ are pulled over equally for an alleged traffic offense (even though there is a slightly higher percentage for African Americans), the public still has a poor view of what racial profiling really is. I believe that the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics released the report (based on factual truths) for you and others to be enlightened and educated in a society such as ours. There are lots of opinions and observations presented to readers, like your article.But as the report says, there are lots of ‘countless other factors and circumstances’. You indicated that the use of police force was highly likely for black and Hispanic drivers. I do believe that the police use force when the situation presents itself due to certain factors, which is a part of that 10 percent uncovered evidence you mentioned.

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In conclusion, are the arrests of African Americans more likely to be dismissed with no enforcement action or warning? If your summation is true, then, that is reverse racial profiling.


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