Quality of Management Information System – Essay

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1. Involve top management in the design of MIS. This involvement would mean greater acceptance and commitment resulting in overall commitment to the program by all-level users.

2. Build cooperation between designers and the users of the programme. This cooperation will result in proper feedback on the quality of information being received so that any necessary changes in the design can be made. This cooperation will result in improvements in the effectiveness of MIS.

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3. Develop a master plan. All planning should be adequate and projected as far into the future as feasible. The master plan should be developed with careful analysis of the current needs and the forecasted needs. Such a plan would avoid any uncertainties associated with MIS development and serve to focus on MIS objectives as well as control the progress towards these objectives.

4. Both designers and users should be held responsible and accountable for the success of MIS on a cost-benefit basis. This accountability consistently reminds them to be cost conscious so that benefits achieved exceed the costs incurred.

5. Consider the social and behavioural aspects of the systems design and implementation. All efforts should be made to ensure that all people accept it as an aid rather’ than a replacement and that they do not resist it in any way.


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