(i) in an act of child abuse

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(i) A person with post-graduate degree in social work, psychology, child development, education, sociology, law, criminology and where such a person is not available, a person with at least a graduate degree in any of the social science disciplines; (ii) A teacher, doctor or a social worker who has been involved in work concerning children. (2) The Chairperson or Member of the Committee shall be a person not less than 35 years of age. (3) No person shall be considered for selection as a Chairperson or Member of the Committee, if he; (i) Has a previous conviction record; (ii) Has been involved in any immoral act or in an act of child abuse or employment of child labour; (iii) Is holding such full time occupation that may not allow him to give necessary time and attention to the work of the Committee as per this Act and these rules; (iv) Does not fulfil the qualification and experience prescribed in the Act and the rules made thereunder, and in such a case the Selection Committee shall after due inquiry and on establishment of such fact, reject his application and recommend the name of the next person from the list of names prepared for filling the vacancies.


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