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“Making Dirty Clothes Clean” Laundry is a daily chore that must be done. I do not know of anyone who enjoys the daily ritual of cleaning clothes but with a few easy steps it does not have to be such a hassle.

There is also some pre-planning steps you can take that will save you time and frustration. The first and most important step in the laundry process is to be prepared. Make sure you have all the supplies you need to get the job done before you get started. You will need laundry detergent.You can buy powder or liquid detergent, but I prefer liquid because powder detergent does not always dissolve completely and you can substitute liquid detergent for stain remover in a pinch. You will also need a stain remover, such as Shout, and bleach.

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Bleach now comes in a color safe version so you can use it on all your clothes, not just whites. I also recommend using a liquid fabric softener in the wash but you will need sheets for the dryer as well. Most washing machines have a place to put it or you can buy a ball that goes in the washer and releases the fabric softener at the right time.Also, you will need a basket for your dirty clothes to go in.

. I keep several so I can sort them as they get dirty instead of digging through one basket to get a load. Once you have all your supplies you are ready to start. Depending on what you are washing you will need to adjust the setting on your washer. For example towels can be washed on heavy duty but finer linens such as silks need a more delicate setting. Start the washer and add the detergent and any bleach as the water begins to fill. If you do not already have your laundry separated in baskets, you will need to go through everything to get a load ready.Like colors and fabrics should be washed together.

Always check the tags on your clothes to see if there are special instructions on washing that item. Once you have a load together be sure you check all pockets for anything left behind. Tissues left in pockets can make a big mess in machines and kids toys can get jammed and break your washer. Treat any stains with a spot remover before putting into the washer. If you are out of stain remover you can rub some liquid detergent into the spot before washing and most of the time it does the same job.Load the clothes into the washer, clothes the lid, and while waiting for that load to wash get the next load ready. Once the clothes are finished washing it is time to put them in the dryer.

Be sure you take out any items that need to be laid flat or line dried. Put in a dryer sheet to prevent static on your clothes. As with washing, different fabrics have to be dried on different settings so make sure you adjust your dryer before starting it. Now that the washer is empty repeat the previous step for the next load.

When the clothes are dry, take them out immediately to prevent wrinkling.Sort through the dry clothes to hang and fold them , then put them away. Now that the dryer is empty, if you started another load it will be done by this time and ready to be moved to the dryer. Repeat these steps until everything is washed, dried, and put up where it belongs. Laundry does not have to be the enemy. With preparation and willingness to stay on top of it, dirty clothes do not have to control your life. Depending on the size of your family, following these easy steps a few days a week can open more time for quality family memories to be made.


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