Procedure where Court considers that case should not be dealt (Section 345 of CrPc)

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The Magistrate to whom any case is forwarded under this Section shall proceed to deal with, as far as may be, as if it were instituted on a police report.

According to Section 347 of the Code, when the State Government so directs, any Registrar or sub-Registrar appointed under the Registration Act, 1908, shall be deemed to be a civil Court within the meaning of Section 346 of the Code.

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As per Section 351(4) of the Code, an appeal from such conviction by any Registrar or sub-Registrar deemed to be a civil Court by virtue of a direction issued under Section 347 shall lie to the Court of Session for the sessions division-within which the office of such Registrar or sub-Registrar is situate.


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