In mistake of ignorance. This module opened up

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In planning this presentation, I was faced with many challenges. The most important challenge was how to conduct a presentation without actually being present. I learnt through this process how much I was out of touch with the technologies in all areas including teaching.

Over the years I took a simple: “if I need it” approach; “I learnt it”. I realise now that this was a mistake of ignorance. This module opened up my eyes to the world of technology in a positive way.It is from this view; I then took on the understanding, that, “if I don’t have a piece of technology such as video capabilities then how can I construct a presentation without my presence? ” I decided to use the narrative tools on PowerPoint to capture the message of this presentation. Additionally another challenge faced within this concept of teaching is that without being present you miss so much interactivity. Including the cues provided by the body language and questions provided by the participants.I selected the topic on “accounting technologies” for a number of reasons: firstly, I have been exposed to a number of accounting programs, simple and complex.

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Secondly: knowing this presentation was to assist our colleagues in developing ways of teaching students with some simple and free to access programs. Finally, I thought this would be an interesting journey to enhance my knowledge of technology and develop new skills. In the preparation for this topic, I decided that accounting games are always a great way to reinvigorate the learning of students.I took the approach that this module was a light overview about the types of programs available to the educators that could easily be integrated into the classroom environment. With that approach in mind, I found some very interesting accounting games that could easily be adapted to the learning environment whilst reinforcing the content of the syllabus. In reflection of this presentation I believe there is always room for improvement.My aim was to take our Educators on a journey of free programs available that could enhance teaching through the use of technology without a financial impact to the education system or the student’s families.

I only touched on a few of the myriad of programs available. These tools would certainly fit with the text exercises within the syllabus, although they may not be the answer to every educator. Critiquing my own presentation: At times it did stumble on my wording. I learnt very quickly in the first draft edit, that having a script in front of me was useless.I heard the drone of a narrated voice when I read by script.

Several edits later, I imagined that the participants were in front of me, adapting the presentation by the slides; a natural speaking style had developed. I became conscious to reduce the signs of nervousness, speed talking or bumbling easily heard in voice narration. In contrast physical presentations give one chance and cannot re-edit your discussion. I chose to show educators the basic functions of the selected programs, as interactivity in this style of presentation was difficult.

I felt that in this instance learning a new program in class and doing class work would not have been effective. The task for educators was to allow them to explore these programs at a time convenient after the presentation. The budgeting activity was to develop strategic thinking in students and develop the concepts from a day for day budgeting process, to analysis of scenarios in preparation of a business budgeting environments. As an online student, I found the experience to present through the learning and creativity of other styles of presentations to be a valuable experience.I can now confidently explore ways to blend the units of work, technology and my personal teaching style through various mediums. This expanded my appreciation in developing virtual classroom presentations.

If educators are on leave, the use of technology and presentations pre-prepared can ensure the students still receive the content required in the syllabus learning. It is certainly a concept worth exploring in future to have ready in such eventualities.


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