Nearly World Bank will only aggravate problems

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Nearly 60% poor live in our human world. For example, countries like India and other who has thick population and dominated by illiterates and semi- littermates (semi-literate means with less literacy level which deprives them from employment in high tech or medium industries). This category does not fit into high tech industries. For them agricultural, small and cottage industries are most suitable.http://members. http://sadashivan_nair.

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order now A SUBJECT that is enjoyed by poets/ writers and politicians. Is curse for who experience, and boon as a subject for politicians to promise for vote! And subject of Appreciation by public to writers and poets! Many books have been written and many promises made, nevertheless, poverty level has dominated the world. Governments and International Organizations who study and spend exorbitant amount in their research on poverty and things end up in racks with full of files and books on poverty.I perceive poverty in two categories: (1)Poorest of poor who starve even for one time food, give thanks to God if succeed getting. Nearly 30% of the world population comes from this category. Unbelievable, countries those over produce and contemplate to dump into sea due to lack of storage facility when their one fourth of population starve of food grain. This is shocking but true.

This stage is accounted due to lack of buying power.(2)Who lack basic needs like hygienic food, electricity, drinking water, proper shelters, education, social security & medical facility, suitable employment and etc.,Many problems in social structure when accumulated, poverty is borne.

That may be unemployment, over population, education, government performance, and relation with neighboring country, which I understand with little knowledge, what I have:EMPLOYMENT: Unemployment level is nearly 40-45% in poor countries among which rural village illiterates/ semi-literate contributes major percentage. Employment is major source to eradicate or minimize poverty as this gives buying power to population and increases their per capita income results to help increasing direct and indirect taxes to Government for development program. To any development programs finance is required, that finance should come from taxes and savings, if opted to loan from International Monetary Fund or World Bank will only aggravate problems and will push further to poverty. Many poor and developing nations are in debt due to the money lending programs by international financial institutions. Emphasis to be given to natural and traditional sources such as tourism, agricultural and related cottage industries, arts and crafts for generating employment, this can consume high unemployment among illiterates and semi-literate. Populations live in rural villages with their traditional art value still they are poor and hand to mouth. Unable to use theyre traditional skill due to non-exploring and insufficient measures by local governments for its marketing. .

Most affected area of poverty is rural population as agriculture is their main source of income. Mainly depend on the small land and god for rain. Work for 4-5 months and balance of the year they remain unemployed looking up for rain. This blank period need to be utilized by engaging them to their traditional arts and crafts or agricultural products. I suggest as steps to improve cottage and small sector products make more attractive:1.

Attract designers and private sectors to bring best knowledge and invest to improve demand in local market as well as overseas.2.Promotions and marketing to be strengthened by Facility of fair / exhibitions/ advertisements in professional way.3.Fixing minimum norms of quality standard.

And gradation of products according to its quality, a- grade products for exports and high local market, grade- b also export and medium range markets, c- grade in local market and d- grade in off sales and cheap market. So that, products can be allocated according to the buying capacity of consumers. 4.

Minimum 15-20 % fixed as quota each stores/ shop with better profits to keep for sales, this will sure be healthy to promote sales. Thus, each store is attracted to put such products in its stores.5.Arranging best quality of raw materials should be the priority and make available at best possible price to make the products competitive.6.

To avoid shortage if possible also imports the raw material. Mediators should be avoided to cut down cost.7.In participation with international


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