Pit Bull Fighting

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Cassie Rollock EN 1O1 – C Topic 2 Pitbull Fighting Dog fighting is a form of gambling in which dogs are bred to fight, often to the death. Although it is illegal in many countries, it is still used as a form of entertainment to many people. Pitbulls are one of the breeds used most often in dog fighting in the US. Pitbulls are now banned in many apartments and even states because people think that all pitbulls are born dangerous. Because of this, pitbulls attract the worst kinds of owners; People who are not interested in having them as a companion, but as a source profit from fighting or sometimes as protection.

Pitbulls were originally bred as bull-baiting dogs. They were purposely bred to have tough skin that can sustain many bites. When using animals as bait was banned, people started to fight their dogs against each other. Now, pitbulls are bred by some people solely for fighting while they are also bred by others for companions and as show dogs. When bred and cared for correctly, pitbulls are friendly, loyal, affectionate dogs. But when raised badly they can be vicious fighting dogs. The most common form of pitbull fighting is street fighting, opposed to professional fighting.

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There are people out there that have fights in their own basements. Street fighting happens almost everywhere and is growing greatly. Professional fighting, on the other hand, is much less common and is often where the most money is bet. Professional fighting has its own set of rules, magazines, and even code words. Although animal fighting is illegal in all 50 states it still happens. In dog fighting, the dogs aren’t the only animals to get hurt. Often, dog owners train them to not be aggressive to them, so that the owner can always be in control, but they train them to be aggressive to almost all other animals.

Often smaller animals, like cats or bunnies, are used to train the animals and to encourage the aggressive behavior. The ASPCA has done a lot to stop pitbull fighting. As seen on the television show “Animal Cops”, they are doing a lot to stop pitbull fighting as well as animal cruelty as a whole. The ASPCA as well as other rescue programs are doing as much as they can to save animals from lives of neglect and abuse, but they need help. Some states have banned pitbulls as pets in hopes to stop pitbull fighting but nothing seems to be working.

There’s no way to know when it has been completely stopped, but one thing is known for sure; everyone has to get involved for it to come to a complete stop. For pitbull fighting to finally come to a complete stop everyone has to get involved. The dogs aren’t the ones to blame in this situation; It’s not their faults they were raised to be fighting dogs, so banning people from owning pit bulls will only punish them and cause people to move on to other breeds of dogs or even other animals. The best way to start is to get everyone aware of the problem and to speak up for the animals.

If you see something you find suspicious, speak up. Even if it turns out to be nothing, its worth it. Another main issue it that dog fighting is now starting at such a young age; 10 year olds have been found involved in dog fighting. If parents and other authority figures took the time to show children how to properly respect animals just being role models, it could help to stop all animal abuse. Lastly, get involved and vote. Vote for the politicians that support animal protection. It may not stop immediately, but if everyone gets involved, pit bull fighting as well as all animal fighting will eventually disappear altogether.


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