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A Pharmacy Information System is a computerized system that handles many one of many outpatient functions, such as taking prescription orders, prescription entry, and pricing of the medications, to fill and refill medication, medication inventory, and the financial management and purchasing. Some features of the PIS consist of prescription management that manages prescription for patients.

It receives the prescription order electronically, then matches to the available pharmaceutical products and then dispenses accordingly per the patient’s needs.Another feature is the integrated workflow through an electronic work list. This is to speed up the process of getting the medication to the patient.

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There’s also online clinical documentation that explains about the drug itself and its possible side effects. Another major feature of the PIS system is the integration with physician order entry applications. This feature allows the patient’s physician to input the patient medication needs directly into the PIS system in which the pharmacy department will receive.

After researching on the internet for examples of a Pharmacy Information Systems, I found two systems that received 5 stars in rating. http://www. pharmacysoftwarereviews.

com. One of the systems is called Datascan Winpharm Software. It can be found at http://www.

datascanpharmacy. com. Datascan was created to provide its customers with a software that was easy to use, robots that dispense prescriptions, telephone re-fill requests, workflow management, medical office dispensaries, long term care prescription management.Most of Datascan customers are independent pharmacies and MD dispensaries. They focus on long term care, managed care, and assisted living facilities that utilize their system to manage the needs of their facilities on a regular basis. According to their statement, what makes them stand out and unique is their willingness to add functionality requested by their clients in a timely fashion. They offer custom add-on software for their clients at a cost; they offer free additional features at no cost to their existing software system. Then there is SuiteRx system.

ttp://www. suiterx. org/company. html. Like other pharmacy information systems, SuiteRx handles managing the business side and the pharmacy side for patient’s needs.

It handles prescription in-take, prescription processing, fill & refill of medication, and prescription check-out among other things. What makes SuiteRx stand out is that it says their system will enable you to improve workflow efficiency, enhance patient safety, reduce billing time, and significantly eliminate the user of paper, provide easy access to data, and reduce most tasks to a single click.


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