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Persuasive Speech Topic: Why choosing health care as a career is a smart choice General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, my audience should be able to: A. State why health care is a growing field. B.

Make an informed decision when choosing a career in health care. Introduction I. Attention-Getting Device: How many students in college know what there career goals are? A. Many students go to college to appease their parents and don’t know what they want to do. B.Some students may pick a major and later find their career options limited or even worse find that their degree wont support them financially. II.

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Thesis: A career in the health care industry is a smart choice for most III. Preview of Main Points: In order for me to persuade you that a health care career is a reliable and sustainable choice I will provide you with information on different careers and compare them to health care. A. We will look at the most popular college degrees and what they can do. B. I will discuss the expected career growth statistics. C.

I will discuss the average pay for some of the top careers. Body I. If you’re almost done here at MJC and haven’t picked a major yet, you’re not alone. According to CollegeBoard. net , retrived nov. 5th 2011, many undergraduates enter a college and even start their programs undeclared. Lets take a look at the three most popular degree options and what careers you can persue with them. A.

Business: According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) retrived on 11-5-11, 19% of all U. S. undergraduates majored in business during the 2007-2008 academic year.If you choose to study business, you can specialize in a number of fields, including accounting, management, marketing, economics, and finance.

B. Education: According to the NCES, nearly 7% of all U. S. undergraduates declared an education major in the 2007-2008 school year. These degrees can be used to educate children, be a scocial worker, or educate the community. C. Health care: The NCES also reported that almost 17% of undergraduate students in the U. S.

chose a major in a healthcare field during the 2007-2008 year.Bachelor’s degree programs can help you pursue careers in community health, clinical research, healthcare management and psychology. These healthcare majors can also prepare you for master’s and doctoral degree programs in dentistry, medicine, chiropractic and health systems administration. Transition: Now that we know some of the popular degrees, lets take a look at the projected growth of some of these careers. II. On February 2nd of 2010 the United States Bureau of labor statistics published a report called Career guide to industries.

This report is published to guide industries on the need for growth.This can also be a useful guide for young adults researching career ideas. A. Lets take a look at the table. As we can see on the table that even though degrees in business and education are on here the majority of the careers are in health care. B. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics retrieved on 11-5-2011.

Ten out of the top 20 jobs earmarked for job growth are in health care. Healthcare will generate 3. 2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018. That is more than any other industry. This growth is largely in response to rapid growth in the elderly population.Even more interesting is that most of these employees have jobs that require less than 4 years of college education.

Transition: So your still not convinced health care is the right career choice for you. Well let’s get to the root of the issue. Why do we have careers? Can we all agree that the reason we go to college to get a career is to make money doing something we like, so we can be happy and pay our bills? III. In an article written by Gloria Alters titled “Why should you choose A Health Career” retrieved on 11-5-2011 posted by cnn news.

om she stated. “As health-care roles and specialties expand, salaries and benefits rise. ” A.

In a report by payscale. com last updated 11-3-2011 the average pay for an elementary school teacher is 40,000 a year. Could you imagine have school loans for a bachelors degree and barley making 18 dollars an hour with no opportunity for making time and a half. B. In a report for accountants also by payscale. com last updated on 10-25-2011 the average pay range is between 33-56,000 a year.

This pay range is with a bachelor’s degree. C. In a report by payscale. om for nursing careers. A Nurse with an associate’s degree that works at a hospital such as Doctors or Memorial makes an average of 80,000 a year. Because of the associates degree the nurse has less school loans then they would with a Bachelors.

Conclusion I. Summary: Lets recap. A. Health care is the fastest growing industry; the baby boomers are retiring and need to be cared for. B. To work in health care does not mean you have to go to school for 10 years to become a doctor. You can earn your associates or bachelors degree and make a good living.

C.All of these top majors require working with the public why not have a rewarding career where everyday you make a difference in the lives of others. II.

Closing Device: I know that I cannot convince people to change majors. I hope that you at least walk out of this room today and examine your career choice. Make sure it is the right one for you and you can actually live off what you will be earning. If you haven’t made a career choice yet examine health care it might be the right choice for you if you like helping others, and don’t mind seeing gross things once in a while.Works sited College Admissions – SAT – University & College Search Tool. Web. 5 Nov. 2011.

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