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Personal Leadership story The success of any organization is dependent on effective leaders who know how to lead people equipped with the right tools and resources. Luneburg & Ornstein, (2010) described leadership as a process whereby one individual influences other group members towards the attainment of defined or organizational goals. Therefore leaders should ensure that their roles and responsibilities are geared towards attaining the defined goals with the assistance of their followers. You cannot be a leader if you do not have followers.In high school, I have always envisioned myself as a leader of an organization. Leaving high school, I started working but I did not like how my supervisors treated us, the workers, they always threatened to get us fired and drive fear in us. I eventually got fired because I stood up to one of them, and let them know I don’t like to be treated in that manner.

I vowed that day that I will not work in an organization where there is a “boss” above me demanding that I do this or else! I want to be different, so I started college with this focus to do Business Administration.My perspective on how leaders should behave then, was emergent, I believe that a leader should communicate to his or her subordinate their roles and responsibilities, allows active participation of subordinates in decision making. I aspire to be a Principal or start my own Entrepreneurship School in the future where I will lead my staff to be action and goal-oriented and to produce optimum output for the success and benefit of the organization.

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In my opinion a leader is one who has vision, and is willing to work with others, given the correct resources, and training to accomplish given tasks.SEM contributor (2010) state that a good leader is made not born; if you have the desire and ambition, you can be a great effective leader. Good leaders develop through never ending process of self- study, education, training and experiences. Personal Leadership story I graduated from college with that perspective in mind, to date I am a Form Teacher, I worked for two years as Resource and Technology Coordinator for lowers school, assist with the annual publication in the North Coast Times News Paper of students at my school who were successful in their CSEC examinations, I am also a member of the 4-HClub.Outside of work I am active in my church, I teach an adult Sabbath School class, sometimes I would be the one who welcome our visitors, read the opening Scriptures or Mission Story. Presently I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration with the intent to help transform the leadership of my school and to institute a more human resource frame work according to Boleman & Deal) where in individual will be empowered to carry out task, collaboration and participation in decision making will be promoted.

Workers will be rewarded and commended for work done, a warm climate will be created where workers will feel belong and motivated to move the organization forward towards success. I strongly believe in transformational leadership, which is based on leaders shifting the values, the beliefs, and needs of their followers by increasing their followers’ awareness of the importance of their tasks; making the followers aware of their personal growth, development and accomplishments and inspiring their followers to transcend to their own self interest for the good of the organization (Luneburg & Ornstein, (2010).I therefore adapt this theory of transformational leadership in order to create change and shift the focus of my school from where it is now to one that is more geared towards maximizing output in terms of student’ performance and maintain some semblance of discipline among students.

Personal Leadership story My core values are that for the effective operation of any organization the following must be in place, the right climate, and empowered workers with certain level of autonomy, collaboration, participation and motivation.I am now researching and reading widely to develop and enriched my capacity and my widen knowledge base on the whole aspect of leadership with organization and how to successfully undertake given task through collaborative effort. Dr. Basil Chambers, former Principal of the Peter’s Field High school in Westmoreland and an Interim principal at the Marcus Garvey Technical High school is a Mentor and a Motivator he told me to work smarter not harder in any given situation especially when it comes to problem solving.So as a leader I must know my followers, assess their strengths and their weaknesses and see how best to assist them to minimize or eliminate those weaknesses, provide them with feedback and engage them to actively participate in decision making. Empower them, giving them a level of autonomy so that they can effectively carry out their roles assigned to them.

When I retire I want to be noted for the role I played as a transformational leader, one who has institutes changes with the help of my team. At his present moment I still need to exert my effort and rise above the level of mediocrity, use my skills, ability and experience to devise strategies to lead my followers to be exemplary individual to society where change is inevitable.


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