2. and helping their children in utilizing

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Utilizing good principles of mental hygiene and right living in their families. 3. Helping the children in developing effective study habits, plan their activities and budget their time for maximum achievement. 4. Showing the children how to postpone immediate pleasure in favour of later gratification.

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5. Getting all sorts of information regarding the facilities available and helping their children in utilizing the same. 6. Help their children in discovering, developing and directing all of the inherent potentialities.

7. A word of caution: Whereas it is true that students receive most help from their parents (as revealed by an All India Study, 1960-61) we have to be cautious as most of these parents are not equipped to handle their problems adequately. The said Report points out, “It is probably true that the parents themselves became the students’ greatest problems by expecting them to perform at a much higher level than they are capable of. If these expectations are not realistic and are not based upon the knowledge of the ability and aptitudes of the young people, they may become a source of misunderstanding between the parents and the child and a cause of despair and frustration to the student.” So it is important that parents are made guidance-conscious.

For achieving this objective, Parents’ clubs, Parents’ Forums may be formed. Parents’ Days may be organised. Parents’ Group Conferences may be held from time to time. Parents’ bulletins and Reports may be issued to keep them in touch with current happenings.

Guidance programme is a service to the individual student and indirectly the whole society. Understanding and active support from the administrator, counselling officers, Liaison officers, teachers, medical staff, parents, etc. is basic to the success of any guidance programme.


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