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Most people only know of one or two racist organizations but there are many, many more. Although we rarely see it in real life, racism lurks all around us. The most famous organization and normally the only one known of are the Ku Klux Klan or KKK.

However there are many more racist organizations and religions many anti-racism organizations. Many people are racist without even realizing it. Racism organizations are everywhere, and more will keep on growing until someone is able to stop it.The most commonly known racist organization is the KKK or Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan has extreme hatred to all Jewish, Negro, and Asian people. They believe that the pure White Christian people should rise above all other people. The Ku Klux Klan promotes protectionism in foreign trade, closing the southern border, and laws prohibiting foreigners from purchasing American property and industry.

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History proves that the Ku Klux Klan is America’s oldest and most effective White Christian Fraternal organizations. The Klan believes that it is doing successfully now because people are beginning to realize that equal rights for all people is just a myth, still people pretend that they believe in it. The Ku Klux Klan official web page address is www. racist organization is the Posse Comitatus. The Posse Comitatus is an intermittently active, loosely organized group of Christian identity activists dedicated to survivalism, vigilantism, and anti-government agitation. Following the pseudo-religious tenets of the “Identity” movement, Posse members typically proclaim Jews to be the “synagogue of Satan,” blacks and other people of colour to be subhuman “mud-races” and Northern European whites to be the “Chosen People” of Biblical prophecy. The name of the group Posse Comitatus translates from Latin to mean “power of the county,” and the Posse believes that all governmental power is rooted at the county, not Federal, level. Posse Comitatus is the term Gordon Wendall Kahl, a North Dakota farmer, gave to his far-right militia organization of local farmers and ranchers.

He founded the organization in the early 1970’s to fight the federal and state encroachment into their local affairs. The posse has attracted many Klan members and other anti-Semites. The Nation of Islam is an anti-white and anti-Semitic religion based on the teaching that whites are devils created in an evil scientist’s experiment.

The Nation of Islam identifies itself as Islamic. Members call god “Allah” and call themselves Muslims, they teach and worship in mosques, and they appeal to the prophet Muhammad. The chief leaders of the Nation of Islam are Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and Minister Farrakhan. They believe that the devil is the white man, the Caucasian race. They think that the black race is trillions of years old and the white race is only six thousand years old. The Nation of Islam thinks that the white race is not equal to the black race because the God of Righteousness created the black race and Yakub created the white race. They believe Yakub was an original black man who was the father of the devil.

As the father of the devil he created the white race, the race of devils, which are enemies to the black race. Therefore the white race is not made by nature to accept righteousness.World Church of the Creator is a white supremacist organization that preaches a theology called Creativity. That religion was established for the survival, expansion, and advancement of the white race exclusively. Their reason for white supremacy is that they figure that since the white race is responsible for all of earth’s advancements throughout history, it should be the only race that should expand and advance. They feel that the white race is facing a huge threat because only 1 in every 12 people on the earth is white. The ratio has dropped tremendously and they feel that it will only get worse. They think that it is disgusting that white people are marrying people of other races and are only harming their fellow race.

The National Alliance is a Neo-Nazi organization based in West Virginia. They believe that there should only be Aryan advancement and that other races a without purpose. Their beliefs contradict most other beliefs.

Most people believe


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