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Open table 1. Over time, Open Table has evolved into much more than just an online reservation service. When Open Table was not able to bring in enough revenue to match the expenditure, there came a need to revamp its marketing strategy . The company retooled its hardware and software to created a user-friendly ERB. The ERB allowed restaurants to synchronize, in real time, reservations made on the restaurants website or via www. opentable.

com. This freed up restaurant front of the house resources that were previously tied to phones taking reservations and allowed 24 hour reservation access to customers.This user friendly technology and personal touch helped Open table to grow its market share.

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Open table assisted restaurants in targeted marketing efforts through its customer database. This was done with the help of their system which collects information as diners make reservations through the system. Diners in turn benefit from the OpenTable program with the ability to locate restaurant reservations in specific areas at specific times and dates, book reservations online, read reviews from other diners, and learn specific details about the participating restaurants and earn dining rewards.Open table marketed their new technology and their benefits, which drew restaurants like moth to a flame.

This created fast market penetration and opened up opportunities in price-sensitive and technology-averse markets. Even after achieving their target market share they continued to launch various marketing campaigns through social media like Facebook and creating application for PDAs. 2.

Open table uses SaaS model for their service based e-commece company. OpenTable became popular and widespread because of the unbeatable advantaged of their SaaS model systems.SaaS provides a valuable service to restaurants by providing real time reservation availability, as well as enabling restaurants to track table availability, track guest preferences, and conduct email marketing to their clients. SaaS model favors restaurats because it allows them to pay for what they need and, hopefully, avoid over-paying for shelf-ware.

Restaurants do not need to manage the hardware infrastructure which saves them time and money. The benefit is allowing for an offering that fit their needs.With SaaS model there is no upfront costs for infrastructure and no infrastructure to support and maintain. The Saas System is fast to implement and is reliable and remotely accessible basically enabling the diners to reserve a table from anywhere at their ease. The added benefit is that restaurants are able to fill empty tables and earn additional revenue streams.

More reservations lead to more covers, which result in greater revenues for the restaurant. Since SaaS system enables all the above they are most beneficial to restaurants.


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