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The Nursing Language Anam Afaq Nursing 110-EDr Linda Millenbach The article I chose titled, “Perspective: Implementation of Nursing Language in Long-Term Care and Nursing Education”, is an article that describes a nurse, Shirley’s experience with Nursing theory and terminology. Shirley Aizenstein started her nursing career in the 1960s, when things were a lot different. She started as a nursing student and now is an instructor for first-year nursing students at the City College of Chicago.In her article, Shirley talks about the significance of the nursing care plans and implementing the nursing language amongst healthcare team members and teaching students. In the 1950’s, a care plan “…consisted of the patient’s name, room number, and medical diagnoses. ” Nursing diagnosis was not used in the care of plan then.

It leaves me to wonder how a care plan was even built without a Nursing Diagnoses. In 1970’s, the nursing care plan focused on communicating nursing problems, eventually leading to nursing diagnoses.The implementation of a nursing language in healthcare setting is crucial in enhancing long term quality care of the client. The nursing diagnosis helps not only nurses, but all healthcare interprofessionals to analyze and evaluate a patient’s care based on a standardized diagnosis. It is the best way to organize and provide best quality care. As Shirley states in her paper, “I was making order out of chaos”. References Aizenstein, S.

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, 2009. Perspective: Implementation of Nursing Language in Long-Term Care and Nursing Education. International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications, Vol.

20, 3.


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