Memorandum| the social and performance risk, these become

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Memorandum| | | | | | | To: Morgan Fritz| | From: Baden Roth| | Copy to: James Shoflz| | Department: Marketing Intern/Research| | Date: October 21st/2011| S | Ext: – Perry Broome – Fanshawe College| | Memorandum| | | | | | | To: Morgan Fritz| | From: Baden Roth| | Copy to: James Shoflz| | Department: Marketing Intern/Research| | Date: October 21st/2011| S | Ext: – Perry Broome – Fanshawe College| | here Dear: Morgan Feltz,I am an intern here at Nike HQ in Los Angeles and I have decided to write to you today a consumer brief that identifies our strong points within the Nike Brand, a strong sports brand that has expanded to high-end sports appeal reaching many demographics and psychographics as well. It is understood that psychographics identify personality characteristics and attitudes that affect a person’s lifestyle and purchasing behavior. Psychographics are psychological profiles of potential customers in a market that focus on attitudes, interests, and personal opinions or perspectives, Nike’s success is no accident.Since the late 1980s, Nike has been using psychographic and sociographic analysis of data to help transform the company from a brand of sneakers to a marquee brand that has become integral to the sports culture it targets.

I will be sharing with you my thoughts on our target market as well as looking at recent print ads that keep the brand’s integrity strong. Thank you Baden Roth Brand Marketing Intern Our Consumers reach decisions in a number of ways. This depends heavily on the amount of involvement our consumers have with our product.As we are in the game of sports equipment and athletic wear our targeted consumers are looking at a number of key factors while purchasing the Nike brand for their active lifestyles. From the financial risk that they take to the social and performance risk, these become evident in each purchase. Financial Risk: Our products are that of high quality and craftsmanship and have been proven to help increase performance (Gill Friend, 2010) and that comes at a high price tag for our consumers. There are many other brands of shoes that cost less.We have to prove that we are well worth the investment for our athletes and general consumers.

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Social Risk: Our brand is known the world over and Ever since Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman used a waffle iron to cook up a new sole for a pair of running shoes more than 25 years ago, innovation has been Nike’s bread, butter, and glory. (The SHoe Game, 2011) We have become the standard of both high performance and street fashion. Our consumers are looking for innovation and that cool factor we have created through our Just Do It ads that helped Nike be seen as a hip brand that people wanted to wear whether exercising or not.Performance Risk: Our consumers are looking for a high quality product and that is what we deliver, our product has been tested tried and proven true to what we stand for.

When consumers think of Nike they think of a high-end performance product that they are able to rely on and feel they have procured exceptional value with their high involvement purchase. Striving for Better Performance – Fitting With in The Culture Nike as a brand encompasses the idea of incorporating societal values into the landscape and can identify with commonly agreed upon consensus about a few game changing concepts that affect the brand’s appeal.Individualism: We pride ourselves on creating a unique identity for our consumer base with our categorized lines of merchandise from Action Sports, Athletic Training, as well as the powerhouse sports Basketball, Football, Soccer and the casual categories for the lifestyle of being active and feeling good. Each of our consumers are able to have a customised approach to our brand and perceive that what they choose from our line up is right for them.

It creates the ideal setup for success for everyone when they make their purchase into the Nike Brand.Masculinity & Femininity: We are able to appeal to both genders equally through our brand association while specialising in each gender sector. Our male line demonstrates a get ahead approach with our products while our female channel encourages growth and positive re-enforcement of the healthy lifestyle of exercise. We have been able to blend these two factors very effectively through advertising and equal share of brand association. The benefits of being active appeal to all. Just Doing It: Mixing in Two types of Values. 2 Concepts Our targeted athletes want to get the job done right, they select the right products and work on being successful through training and competing. They know they have to have the right gear or their investment in time, effort and money comes in second place.

These players of the brand are all about Utilitarian Value: Buying a product to do exactly what they plan to do and that is to help solve the problems that occur when not having the right gear for the sport they are involved in.On the other hand we also cater to those who are wanting that look of being sporty and active, they are not as competitive but they associate with Nike as a go to brand for being current and trendy. We have created a want with our consumers and they cannot seem to get enough, those are our consumers with Hedonic Value: The Nike Brand thrives on this as it gives our consumers gratification that they have chosen products that have a cool factor and are fashionable for everyone wanting to be active in all aspects.

The Mix – Here is where we are the most successful as we are able to provide our consumers with both Hedonic and Utilitarian experiences. Everyone needs clothes, though ours can be expensive we meet that need and because we are high quality and have a professional/trendy line of sports apparel we also meet that other need. Giving us a high success rate across the board in each sector of value for our consumers.

Dig into Emotion: – Emotional Concept More than just that “fuzzy” concept (Babbin/Haris) Nike digs into the heart of making everyone feel they can accomplish their goals if they just picked up the ball and ran with it.We might be using peer-pressure as our wild card but why not evoke a healthy active lifestyle? Our identity is built on results and success and we share this feeling on a daily basis. It is about getting up in the morning and lacing up your Nike Airs and reaching higher and running longer and knowing your doing right by your body and soul. That is the emotional impact we have on our consumers and I like to think we nailed it. A household name in the making: Exposure & Attention Our brand is known worldwide and our strongest branding initiatives have allowed exposure through intense stimuli with regards to brand appeal.We bring our consumer right onto the playing field and give them a sense of inclusion into the game.

We thrive on the sensation of a job well done, with Nike behind the 8 ball we do have our consumers attention and they comprehend what it means to buy into Nike. Its through our adverting and brand awareness campaigns. It’s the story behind the legacy that drives us to the punch every time and our customers can feel that. It is more than a condition its a disease – Loyalty and Behavioural conditioning.We find when our general consumers and professionals buy into Nike they seem to “stick” around they have grown accustom to excellence they have become aware of what works for them.

It is a known trade secret that if you have a particular type of running style or training pattern, you chose Nike over our competitor. We work hard for our consumers to gear up and pack a punch to what ever they can bring to the table. Our shoes wear out but our athletes and casuals are revving up and lacing up a new pair and getting ready for the next race.

We have worked on Shaping our consumers into responsible athletes and they have welcomed the mentoring and slight changes into their buying diet. It is all about the brand and coming back giving us a high-five and feeling at the end of the day you just have gone out and done it. This may have been through unintentional learning: Through reinforced stimuli that just helped our customer make a habit of choosing Nike. Actions – Speaking Louder than words – The ad campaign analysis: Print Ads: Re-incorporated Just Do It Campaigns in the Print Ad Sector – Focusing around the trusted swoosh and “JUST DO IT” slogan. Source: MacLean’s Magazine – October through December 2010) Seeing the difference: Print Ads – Critique These are the current ads ran through our Print Ad campaigns.

They ask each of our consumers to try something and invoke a type of challenge. It is positive reinforcement and hits all of our demographics its all about the perception process: The perceived value in the buy and the value being someone involved in sports and activity. Nike and the swoosh and our ads have high perceptual attributes that are visually apparent and easily recognisable.Linking the Campaign to consumers Needs: Our Nike swoosh is every where with the Key Words “Just Do It” this revolutionized an industry through positive reinforcement it has logged into so many consumer’s long term memory that “Just do It” means Nike.

The high level of stimuli through our creative print advertising has created a benchmark in comprehension and rention of our brand. The “Just Do It” campaign is effective in reassuring consumers that the brand they picked, Nike, was a quality brand.This was most effectively portrayed by celebrity sports figures such as Bo Jackson, John McEnroe and later, Michael Jordon. If Michael Jordan can play an entire NBA season in a pair of Nikes, certainly the average weekend warrior can trust the shoes’ durability.

This creates a large impact on the consumers, make them feel like a pro without breaking the bank it is about value and social Influences: such as family friends are getting into the healty life-style crazy it is like 80’s all over again.Nike is a strong contender in the ring of Sports professional and casual sports good consumers. Strong ads that ask you to pick up the slack and go further, longer, more everything stick with you and that is impact and determination in the cluttered field of ads.

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