Courtroom for simply getting into his way.

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Courtroom trial (prosecution) for Night by Elie Wiesel.NIGHT PROJECT (3/15/96) * Opening Statement:Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the prosecution team is representing the state of Israel against Mr. Idek. He was a kapo ( a Jew forced to be in charge of other Jews ). He was also in charge of the warehouse for electrical equipment.

Mr. Idek has been charged with cruelty to the human race and the murder of a myriad Jews at the nazi concentration camp of Buna. We are here today to prove this man’s guilt in his heinous crimes against humanity beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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The prosecution will provide evidence of Mr. Idek beating the Jews he was in charge of just because he happened to be in a bad mood. We will also prove that Mr.

Idek took advantage of and sexually harassed multiple women while in charge of the prisoners at the concentration camp. In conclusion the prosecution would ask the jury to listen to all facts and witness presented throughout this case and to come up with the only true verdict that humanity can deliver, guilty.* Questioning:(Pro – The prosecution team)(Eliezer – Elie Wiesel)(Mr.

Wiesel – Eliezer’s Father)(Idek – Mr. Idek)(Juliek – A violinist at the camp)(Judge – His honorable Yitzach Herschel)EliezerPro – Eliezer do you see the kapo that was in charge of you at the concentrat-ion camp?Eliezer – yes there ( Eliezer points to Idek ).Pro – Eliezer, when were you introduced to Idek?Eliezer – When we reached Buna, the kapos randomly chose us.Pro – What was your first “bad” impression of Idek?Eliezer – When Juliek told us to stay away from him when he had his “bouts ofmadness”.Pro – Did you ever see Idek beat or abuse any of the prisoners?Eliezer – Yes many times, however, two of the most prominent occasions werewhen he beat my father and I.

The first one he beat my father for not workingfast enough to suit him atthe time. The second one was when he beat me forsimply getting into his way.Pro – Did you ever see Mr. Idek engage in any sexual or rape of any youngwomen at the camp while you were under his charge?Eliezer – Yes, I once walked in on him and a young girl I assume was polish(since the camp had just gotten a trainload of polish Jews). Idek caught meand said, “You wait and see kid . . . .

You’ll soon find out what leaving yourwork’s going to cost you . . . . You’re going to pay for this pretty soon . .

. . and now, go back to your place.

”Pro – Did he ever carry out his threat?Eliezer – Yes, Later during roll call Idek called out, “A-7713!” I steppedforward and he ordered me to lay down on a box he had brought out. I did as Iwas told and then Idek proceeded to whip me I counted 25 lashes of the whipbefore I lost conciseness.Pro – Thank -you for your testimony Eliezer.Mr. WieselPro – Mr. Wiesel do you see the kapo that was in charge of you at Buna?Mr.

Wiesel – Yes, he’s over there ( He points at Idek )Pro – Were you treated any different because of your older age?Mr. Wiesel – Yes, Idek seemed to take a specific dislike towards me because Iwas older than most of the men that were in his charge.Pro – Thanks – you for your testimony Mr. Wiesel.JuliekPro – Juliek do you see the kapo that was in charge of you at Buna?Juliek – Yes, he’s over there ( He points at Idek )Pro – Why were you in the orchestra block?Juliek – I was there because I am a violinist.Pro – Did you ever warn Eliezer and his father of Idek?Juliek – YesPro – Why?Juliek – I warned them because Idek had a split personality, he could be in


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