Nelson Mandela – Hero

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Imagine growing up in a country where two people can have the same exact job but get paid differently just because of the color of their skin, a country where people like me were treated like savages just because of the color of our skin, a country where the way you were treated depended on your skin color. A country where black people just took the racism helplessly because they considered it to be part of daily life and there was nothing they could do about it.

I had to grow up in such conditions during the apartheid in South Africa. It was such a horrendous period and what made it even worse was the fact that people were bowing down to this unjust treatment when there was something that could be done. I was not like these people. I wanted a world where people of all races could live together in harmony and I was prepared to fight for this. While most of you were silent, I stood up for all those black people who were too scared to do so for themselves.

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I Starting out as a leader of an underground political movement called the African National Congress (ANC), with help from our supporters we had several demonstrations against white rule. Unfortunately my rule was cut short when I was sentenced to life imprisonment for my actions in 1964. Even while I was in jail people still saw me as an inspiration. Finally after 27 years I was freed in 1900.

My goal was nearly met as this was the start of the end of the apartheid and I kept on fighting until it was completely over. I even got awarded a noble peace prize for my work. Today, without all my efforts, such treatment towards black people would still be going on in South Africa now. But thanks to me there is peace. Everyone is treated equal and is given equal opportunities. That is the world I dreamt of living in and now it is a reality. This comes to show that anything is possible if you fight for it.


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