The main factors which help the ‘unworthy’ in

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The decline s fast becoming a run-away express on a downward gradient with serious political thinkers and intellectuals shunning politics. Even a discussion fetches a grimace which leaves a bad taste in the mouth, corruption and the entry of ‘musclemen’ being one of the main factors which help the ‘unworthy’ in winning elections. All agree that the importance of our country and political leaders have dwindled on the world platform. We are no more giant intellectuals who can make their mark and leave imprints on the sands of time. The entry of social projects, scoundrels and unprincipled persons into politics over the last decade or more is responsible for this degradation. While once, we had great thinkers and leaders who had dreamt of Hindustan as a land without oppressors, without criminals and without religious divides. Leaders who commanded the trust of multitudes and respect of the common man because of their integrity, honesty and priority of national interest.

Today’s politicians are harbourers of selfish motives whose primes interest is to fleece the exchequer, grab the properties of others and use the law and order machinery for their own machinations. Instead of rising to the occasion in periods of crises, they are the harbingers of criminals, seditioners, enemies of the State and terrorists. Self-seekers have made a profession out of politics, the easiest way to licensed loot. The main aim of politicians today has undergone a drastic change. They are no more interested in social service or serving the nation.

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Their priority of self before all has seen national integration being put on a backburner. Terrorism has become the scourge of our nation and internationally too. The Islamic countries have given it a new name – ‘Jehad’. Our North Eastern States, Kashmir and Punjab have been witnessing terrorist activities, a ploy by enemy countries Pakistan and Bangladesh – both Islamic countries, where secularism and respect for a different religion, is considered a dirty word, to break up the country.

The Pakistani’s have a very old and oft repeated slogan ‘Hans ke liya hai Pakistan, Lad ke lenge Hindustan’. States sponsored terrorism has become the bane of our nation. Young and misguided youth have fallen prey to this scourge of terrorism, who use different ploys to induct them into their cadre. They are motivated in the name of religion, in the name of brotherhood and even in the name of the country. The Muslim terrorists in Kashmir are actually frontline agents of Pakistan, where the government survives and thrives on the issue of Kashmir.

Successive governments at the Centre have been responsible for this problem starting with Nehru, who desisted from military action to regain lost territory in Kashmir and raised it at the UN Assembly. This was a monumental blunder, the fallout of which we are facing even today after 50 years. Kashmir problem can only be solved by direct military action and abrogation of Article 370. Granting autonomy to Jammu & Ladakh and abrogation of Article 370, granting special status to Kashmir, have been the political manifestos of several political parties, but this turns out to be an electoral ploy only. The moment they are elected and become ministers, everything besides self-advancement is put on the backburner. This is putting it a bit too mildly. We have seen supporters and harbingers of terrorists, occupying ministerial seats of power.

When political leaders become protectors of criminals, separatists and terrorists, then how can we expect solutions to such problems. Naxalism is another menace being faced by North Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. This started off at Nexalbari in Bengal with Charu Mazumdar as its ideological head. Naxalism was actually a movement against the prevalent corruption in the politics of our country, although compared to today’s degradation, it was at its infantile stage three decades back. This movement had its inception in the early seventies and had it been successful at that stage the state of our country would have been different. At the initial stage, it was a movement of intellectuals.

The best brains of Calcutta University, brilliant students of science and arts, professors of political science, were all influencesd by this ideology. They all dreamt of a better future for our country but unfortunately or may be truly decided that the only way change could come would be with an armed people’s revolution. The idea gained ground and spread to all the states in the eastern sector but as in today’s politics, the corrupt and criminals found it an easy way to fleece and extort money from the moneyed class and even to settle scores with their enemies. The congress government let loose a reign of terror and thousands of young men and women, the gem and cream of intellectuals were picked up and shot dead after being tortured and confessions extorted. It was later realized that the criminals were let loose to defame the movement as a calculated move. The movement is still continuing in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh in those areas where the landed gentry and the influential have reduced the rest bonded labour, who after ages of suppression have decided to revolt.

The solution to this continuing problem would be a clean government which ought to be serious about curbing terrorism and dedicated to upliftment of the poor. They must ensure the benefits of social upliftment programmes, poverty eradication, distribution of land to the landless, all reach the needy, making a truly egalitarian society, where justice is disposed with, to the oppressed and the law and order machinery genuinely act impartially without being susceptible to bribes and political influences. Today’s politics is deprived of individuals who have the requisite qualities to become leaders and the motivation to work for the welfare of the masses. Power and money seems to be the only objective of today’s politicians and one thus failing to make a contributions in the development of the nation. Unless immediate steps are taken we are heading for situation faced earlier by South American, African and Asian countries like Pakistan.

The mafia will rule and we shall have dictatorial regimes to drag us deep down into the morass of corruption. Let us awake and rise, let the intellectuals come forward and stop shirking their duty, let the young blood in our universities and professional colleges stop falling into the trap of smooth talking politicians. They are our future and need to take against step towards their responsibilities to the society and nation. Only then will the Politics of Terrorism/Naxalism be stopped in their tracks.


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