My task is to direct pages 11-21

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“An Inspector Calls” is a novel written by J. B Priestly in 1945. The novel is basically about how other people’s mistakes could influence bad decisions. The author was trying to be more realistic to the audience and prove that some things people do can be harmful to those close around them. At the time in which this play was written the society was going through a lot of changes, as it had been a time of war. The timing at which the play was written plays an important role as the play goes on.

My task is to direct pages 11-21 of “An Inspector Calls” showing and explaining how everyone ought to hold themselves on the stage, and also to choose who should be on stage also include which time this should happen. Part of my task is to suggest on a suitable mood to influence the investigation-taking place on stage. The Inspector’s arrival creates a sense of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness. “No, thank you, Mr Birling. I’m on duty. ” This clearly shows us that the inspector is serious with his work and he is quite calm in a positive way.

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While the Inspector is on stage I will suggest he keeps standing until asked to take a sit. This will show an exchange in power between Mr Birling and the Inspector. At this point all the male characters should appear on stage to welcome the arrival of the Inspector. These characters are Gerald, Eric and Mr Birling. The Inspector has to speak carefully, weightily and also look had on the person he addresses before actually communicating. The mood will gradually change from a bright yellow; showing happiness, pride and innocence to a dark blue lightning preparing the audience for mystery and the first interrogation.

The Inspector should enter the room walking heavily to show the power he possesses. The Inspector’s name has some significance earlier in the play. The spotlight will focus on the Inspector, showing clearly all his actions. The first interrogation begins with Birling. For this particular interrogation I will sideline a black shadow lightning and adjust the spotlight to face Birling so we would see how he reacts to the Inspector’s questions. What I would particularly want to focus on is Mr Birling’s actions.

The reason for this being I want to check on every move he makes and see how he responds to all the pressure hipped up on him by the Inspector’s professionalism. The selection and application of language the Inspector uses is very effective as it traps Birling and puts him in all kinds of pressure but at the end he only has himself to blame. For example the Inspector says, “It’s my duty to ask questions”. Here we are shown how easily Birling gets trapped and tries to stop the Inspector from asking any more questions. Showing all this on stage will make a real impact.

I will show the Inspector talk using strong and “posh” words to make Birling think and therefore pressure him. The Inspector will come to stages where he needs to stand to get Mr Birling unsettled and force responses out of him. Mikhail The photograph has a huge insight to it. It leaves everyone shattered and speechless. As an audience you can say that its quite obvious that everyone in the Birling family had something to do with the girl in the photograph. Mr Birling is at the top of the queue to see the photograph as he is being interrogated.

Before the Inspector shows the photograph he needs to cover up the photo with his body so that no-one else can se the photograph before their turn comes. This proves that the Inspector is a calm and collected character and likes to plan the way he goes about his business. “All in good time”, shows that the Inspector is organised and focuses on one conversation at a time. On the other hand we “the audience”, could say that the Inspector is preventing the audience from revealing the answer to this mystery. At this point everyone should be quiet and respond by showing body movements.


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