In school so far in this village.

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In the dream I saw that one day I was going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in the company of my friends. Near the bus stand of Agra I was attracted by some persons selling lottery tickets. Much against the will of my firm I bought a lottery ticket of Haryana government. I never thought that I would win the lottery.

When its result appeared in Nav Bharat Times I was very anxious to see my number. At once I purchased a newspaper. I first of all began to see the series of lottery number. All of a sudden my friend’s eyes fell on my number and he told me to see it- My joy knew no bounds when I saw my number and won a lottery of one lakh (lac). I did the necessary formalities and received the amount I started thinking how to use the amount for the welfare of the public J did not think it proper to use the whole of the amount for personal good. I belong to a poor and backward village.

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There is no primary school so far in this village. So most of the children go without education. They remain illiterate. So first act of public good which I dreamt was to open primary school in my village.

I dreamt that the school would remove the illiteracy from the village. They would bless me for doing a generous deed. In my village people are generally poor.

Some of them have no clothes even to cover their bodies. In the dream I made arrangements for the free distribution of blankets and other clothes for all the poor and needy persons. In the dream I also thought to help persons, whom I was thinking of low caste. I thought to spend the rest of the money on myself.

Instead of thinking further. I heard the call from my mother to leave the bed. I awoke at the call of my mother. I found myself that I was lying on the bare cot.

No change was there in my poor condition.


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