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My Mother A role model for me is someone in my life that has influenced me in a positive way.

My mother is my role model for me, because I have always been looking to my mother as hard working, and kind hearted person. In addition she knows how to handle tough situation in life. My mother ambition for hard work has had more signification influence on me. I have seen that my mother was forced to work two jobs just for financial support to my father who was the only one working for our huge family. She woke up early in the morning with the positive attitude and a smile on her face, even she was sick!!She cooked food in the morning foe whole family, and after her housework she would go to work. She has been juggling her housework and office work to give lifestyle we have.

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For example, on my birthday she saved money for a month to do my birthday party. She never complains about her life; moreover she has always been searching for ways to improve her personality and live a happier life. . My mother’s kindness has always impacted my life. She has help me appreciates my life and true happiness by her kind heart.

When my mother was faced with accident of her mother, she had to take on her place as women of the house hold. My grandmother was unfortunately suffered from brain injury ,and the reserved women become demented which made anyone scared of her . Unlike other relatives, my mother was the only person who did not ignore her; in contrast, she looked after very whole heartedly. I can never thank my mother enough for what she has given me. I own my strength to my mother and her life experience made me more vigorous to face every hardship, to overcome each failure, and more on.


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