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Hello. This is Hoa from Vietnam and this is for elllo. org. The question today is … what is a city you would like to visit? Well, because I like doing outdoor activities and I love the sea, so I really want to go to Melbourne in Australia because Melbourne is famous for beautiful beaches all over the world and if I have a chance to go to Melbourne I would spend most of my time on the beach to do some activities like doing the sunburn, going swimming, or playing sports, so on and so forth, and besides I want to visit the zoos because I want to have … o see some cute animals in Australia and if I have a chance I really want to taste Australian food as well because I don’t really know what Australian food’s like and what they often eat or … I don’t really know about the food in Australia so I really want to have a chance to taste it. How about you? Where do you want to go and would you like to come with me to Australia someday? Tourist attractions [pic] [pic] Cheonjiyeon Waterfall on Jeju Island. South Korea’s historical tourist attractions include the ancient capitals of Seoul, Gyeongju and Buyeo.

Some natural landmarks include the peaks of the Baekdudaegan, particularly Seorak-san and Jiri-san, the caves of Danyang and Hwanseongul, and beaches such as Haeundae and Mallipo. Apart from Jeju island, there are many smaller islands. Excursion ferries are quite common along the south and west coasts and also to Ulleung-do Island, off the east coast. Limited tourism mainly by South Koreans to the Liancourt Rocks (Dokdo) has grown in recent years as a result of the political status of the rocks Many local districts hold annual festivals, such as the Boryeong Mud Festival and the Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival.

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Tourism in South Korea refers to the tourist industry in the Republic of Korea. In 2007, 6. 4 million foreign tourists visited South Korea, making it the 36th most visited country in the world,[1] and this number is expected to exceed 8. 5 million in 2010. [2] Most non-Korean tourists come from Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The recent popularity of popular culture in these countries has increased tourist arrivals. Seoul is the principal tourist destination for visitors; popular tourist destinations outside of Seoul include Seorak-san national park, the historic city of Gyeongju and semi-tropical Jeju Island.

Traveling to North Korea is not normally possible without a special permission, but in recent years organized group tours have allowed groups of South Korean citizens to visit Kumgang-san. Essay on The Destination I Would Like to Visit My dream place of visit would be the Malaysian islands which are located at the Indian Ocean. The Malaysian islands give a good view of the ocean and the breeze that flows around the beaches are refreshing and relaxing. Malaysian holidays have been the place where majority of individuals like to take some time off from their work and spend quality time with their families.

In Malaysia, I would like to visit the Nexus resort. The resort is situated between the Rainforests and a beautiful sandy beach the whole island and they offer services such as wildlife scenery, Beauty and the cultural diversity that Malaysia has to offer. Before we reached the Nexus resort, I had a chance of visiting the wild life scenery and saw different species of life that the world has to offer from a trip to the rainforest. The beaches gave a good view of the sun setting.

The rainforest makes the sea coast warm by blocking winds that would cause a cold effect to the beach and this has made the environment suitable for a tourism attraction site. At the resort I also had a chance to play golf with people from different societies and it was very enjoyable. The golf courses are wide and distributed so there is no congestion. On the golf courses and there is a championship tournament that is played. A variety of activities were also being offered which included cycling, Water sports and sky diving on the ocean, and a Kids Club which ensured that a entire family will be entertained. Golf

In Malaysia I had a chance of horse riding and bet on a challenge to a race with the other tourists. This was enjoyable but I lost my race and had to pay on my bet which was $ 100. Races were there every Saturday and the challengers were allowed to practice during the week of how to maintain stability when the horse was jumping a huddle as well as when it was running at speed. I also participated in the swimming challenge and it was worthy for it made me a good swimmer for we were racing against the swimming pool attendants for everybody recognized that they are better off than majority of the people who had come to visit the area.

The accommodation at the resort was high class for they treated everybody outstandingly. The whole of the resort has over 485 rooms which do have a private balcony. Other inclusions are daily breakfast offered and they offer bonuses such as you can pay for only six days but on the 7th day the resort still serves you. The rooms were spacious by offering king size beds and had a rule where the maximum number of people allowed on a room was three. The dining was also superb for there was a variety of an international and Asian restaurant complimented by spectacular views of the resort’s award-winning gardens and stunning beaches.

The dishes were delightful and ran the whole day. There was traditional Malaysian cuisine, Chinese delicacies and grilled favorites as well as pizzas. Tea was also being offered with light snacks in the evening and this junk really made me fat. Entertainment came along with the dining from energetic company of live deejays known as the Darlin entertainment club. The endless stretch of sandy white beaches gently being lapped up by the sea, the untouched underwater realm of colourful marine life, the beautiful virgin tropical rainforests; these are among the sights that you will find on the paradise islands of Malaysia.

The melting pot of Asia, Malaysia is a nation of ethnic variety and culture. For the international tourists, travelling around the country and asking for information is quite easy as English is our second language. The friendliness of the locals also makes it quite simple for visitors to jump right in and learn of the many different customs, practices and the quaint culture of the people. Besides, where else can you find a place where you can sample the diverse cuisine of Asia all under one roof. It would be an impossible task to describe every one of Malaysia’s thousands of beautiful beaches.

Ranging from the powdery stretches of sand that characterize the eastern coastline of Peninsular Malaysia to the black sand beach of Pantai Pasir Hitam and the smooth pebble beach of Pantai Batu Kerikil, Malaysia’s shores offer more idyllic locales than one could explore in many lifetimes. In addition to the plenitude of beaches along the the peninsula and the coast of Eastern Malaysia, the country also possesses over a hundred tropical islands. Many of these are so beautiful as to have entered into legend centuries ago, like the islands of Langkawi remain desert isles, marked , or Pulau Tioman.

Others only by the imprint of the South China Sea on their sands. [pic] With world renowned islands, beckoning with sun-kissed beaches & glittering waters, Malaysia’s islands are a favourite holiday destination. Tioman, Redang & Pangkor Laut are three of the most famous Islands where visitors can indulge in romantic escapes on palm fringed beaches & experience superb underwater ecosystems. Malaysia is blessed with many beautiful islands both surrounding the Peninsula and East Malaysia.

The soft sandy beaches, the clear blue water and the tropical weather makes these islands one of the best spots for a holiday not only for the locals, but for tourists as well. When planning a trip to any one of the islands, it is best to make sure your trip doesn’t coincide with the monsoon season. Resorts are still open for business and prices are cheaper during the monsoon season but you might get occasional rainy weather and less people to mingle with. The monsoon season for the east coast is generally from October to February and the monsoon season for the west coast would be from March to September.

The west coast sees a milder monsoon so chances are your trip wouldn’t be wrecked by thunder storms and floods. Here’s a guide to some of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia: Pulau Tioman Located on the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, Tioman Island is 32 kilometers off the state of Pahang. It is a decently sized island measuring at 39 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. Tioman Island gained its fame in the late 50’s when it was used as one of the filming locations for South Pacific and in 1970, this magnificent island was voted by TIME as one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

That was way back when the island was relatively unknown and virginal. Now this island has gained so much popularity and the in flux of visitors has somewhat tainted the purity and the secrecy of the island. Now, Tioman Island is pretty much commercialized. High end resorts and developments have been set in place but thankfully, a generous portion of the island still remains untouched. Its clear blue waters are still crystal clear (for now) but there have been reports of dead corals due to the massive construction work so its best to visit soon to avoid disappointment. Pulau Redang

Redang Island is also another island located on the east coast of the Peninsula off the state of Terengganu. It is one of the largest and most beautiful islands in the country and the more popular destination amongst the locals. The Redang archipelago is made out of nine different islands which form a marine park that is suitable for both snorkelling and diving activities. Redang has yet to be featured in any major movies but it deserves praise as well. Its waters is also the location of two shipwrecks. This historical event set the stage for the Japanese occupation during World War II and the H. M. S Prince of Wales and H. M.

S Repulse were the ships that made its home at the base of Redang’s surrounding waters. Being part of a marine park makes Redang island (as well as the nearby islands) relatively safe from the impact of human activities. Minimal development is done and the island is pretty much still untouched so if you’re looking for a more natural, Redang would be a wise choice. Pulau Langkawi Located in Kedah state and sitting adjacent to the Thai border is Langkawi island, possibly the most popular island on the west coast of the peninsula. The name Pulau Langkawi means “Eagle Island” which is an apt name as there are indeed many eagles in the area.

To commemorate its name even further, the monument of an eagle was erected in Eagle Square which is located in the capital town of Kuah. Langkawi was once called “Malaysia’s best kept secret” with its with sand beaches, its mountains and its lush greenery. Unfortunately, even with the right ingredients, Langkawi is missing out on one of the characteristics that makes a good island, clear blue waters. It is located along the Malacca Straits which makes water visibility very poor. Snorkelling and diving is not an activity to be done at Langkawi.

To make up for its shortcomings, the island has been declared a tax free zone. Langkawi would be the better choice if you’re looking for an island holiday with more land activities and do remember to visit its historical sites while you’re there. Other notable islands on the east coast include Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Lang Tengah, Pulau Besar and Pulau Kapas. Over on the west coast, the island that would attract attention to visitors would include Pangkor Island and Penang Island (which coincidentally is a state by itself). East Malaysia is also home to one of the most popular diving spots in the world.

Sipadan Island is located east of Tawau (Borneo) and still remains one of the most beautiful islands in the world. So if you are a diving fanatic, don’t forget to look up Sipadan Island. Malaysia doesn’t only offer city entertainment. Outside the fast paced world is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and peaceful holiday. The white sands at your feet, the sound of the waves breaking, the smell of the salt water and the sights of the beautiful marine life is only a few hours away from the city. So take your pick; a thriving city life or the peaceful beauty of the islands. Such diversity is what makes Malaysia an all-in-one travel destination.


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