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Paper IV During my mock interview, I believed what I did well was that I spoke clearly and enthusiastically about my experiences and skills about the job I was applying for. I also talked about their music and expressed on what type of music I enjoyed listening to which help me start a conversation with my interviewers on what type music we both liked and also which instruments we enjoyed listening as well. But most importantly in my opinion, I believed what I did well was explained my past projects on how I planned shooting schedules, script development, and scouting locations as well handling a job under pressure.Lastly, what I did well on showing my interviewers on how much knowledge I have in directing, which resulted in handing over a portfolio of my work and stating my family as a major influence in my directing career.

In my information interview, what I did well was the questions I asked a director named Markus Molina based on directing. The questions were: Please describe a typical workday? How would describe or estimate future growth for this field? What is the best type of educational preparation? What is the typical starting salary?The director’s answers helped me learn usually the positives and negatives of the career. What I did well in this interview is when the direction asked me if I had any experienced in directing, in which I provided my knowledge such as; what type of cameras I have use and explaining on a certain project I worked on that help me win a best comedy award from a film competition. After the explanation of my experiences, the main reason the interview turned out well was when the director told me to apply for a job for a music video project based on one of his songs.What I need to improve in my interview was my rambling; during my mock interview I tend to ramble when I get nervous. Another thing, I tend to improve was the way I answer certain questions. Due to my feedback, others students say I looked arrogant and cocky, in order to fix it I should just give a straight answer and get straight to the point. Last, I should have smiled more, during the interview I did smile but due to the feedback, some people say I smiled but it was not enough and should smile when it comes to answering certain questions.

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But during my information interview, I believe I should not change anything due to the director telling me to apply for a music video job cause I showed that I have experience and skills in directing. On Wednesday, I filled out a True Colors Self Assessment sheet after counting up the answers and figuring out what my primary and secondary color were, the results were Blues for my primary. For Blues, their characteristics are that they want to be authentic, benevolent and Empathic, Romantic, idealistic, wanting to make the world a better place.Gifted in the use of metaphors to bridge different perspectives.

They belong to groups for the opportunities to make friends and form new relationships. Lastly are known to be Singers, Social Workers, Therapists, and Writers. My secondary color was Orange. The characteristics are that they want the freedom to choose the next action and Seek to have impact, to get results. They also have the ability to notice and describe in rich detail, constantly seeking relevant information.

Their strengths are in ability and language.But in a restrictive environment, they get bored, restless and stressed due having to sit for long periods of time can result in their inattention. Lastly, they are actors, comedians, commercial artists, and musicians. The true colors actually fit my decision when it comes to choosing a career, due me having the same characteristics on being authentic (blue) as well as having the ability to notice in details (orange). But in career and color, I believe that I’m an orange due to having chosen the career as a director in which the orange characteristics focus on ability to notice and describe in rich detail.Even though as I also want to be a writer, which falls in the blue category, I tend to enjoy acting and directing more which falls in the orange category. So when it comes to deciding on which career I want in the future. I believe the true colors give me a blueprint on which careers are the right choice for me due to the characteristic on both colors in which if I look back to my past career choices, they tend to fit with my jobs that I used to have.

Summarize where you are in your career process: Which career are you most interested in now and what others are you considering in the future? Did you rule out any specific careers? In the beginning of this class, I have chosen directing and over the semester, my choice has not change due to the information I found out during my information interview, even though being a director can be a stressful job, it is also fun if you do it correctly and enjoy it. But for other careers in the future, I tend to become an actor due to the experience I have achieve in high school and past jobs.But for a career that I do not want to pursue is artist and drama teacher, the reason is that I want a job to be more outgoing and not being in the place. So with directing and acting, the jobs tend to have you travel and explore different job positions and responsibilities as well. I hope everything is explained in this final paper and it was an honor having career exploration, thanks for having me as your student and good luck to you on future semesters.


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