This albums A Tribute to Jack Johnson,

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This book, written by Miles Davis, is the autobiography tht he wrote a few yearsbefore he died. In this book I found how he first became interested in jazz. Italso explains how he became one of the best jazz players of all time. Miles wasborn in Alton, Illinois in 1926 and grew up in eastern St. Louis. He learned howto play trumpet while in high school on the trumpet that his father gave to himfor his 13th birthday. He was a bog fan of jazz and said that the thing thatmade up his mind to be a musician was wheh he first heard Billy Eckstines bandwith Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet, and Charlie parker playing the sax.

He thenmoved to New York looking for Charlie Parker and to study classical trumpet atJuilliard School of music. Aftera while parkers drug problem began to take overhis life, and this also affected Davis. Davis took some time toget over that,and by the late 50s he was a much bigger star than he had been before due tosome of his recent recordings.

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In 1969, Davis started to record more electronicmusic, which was the start of the azz-Rock. Later on, when he came out with thealbums A Tribute to Jack Johnson, and On the Corner, fans were dissapointed, andthought it was a terrible portrayal of the jazz they knew. Miles then sort ofdissapeared from the view of the public eye between 1975 and 1981, but even whenhe came back, he wasnt as into playing anymore as he had used to be. Heplayed again a couple times before he died in 1991 at 65 years old. As for theauthors description of the book, it was all first person, because he wrotethe book himself with the help of Quincy Troupe.

My conclusion to this bookstrenghtens what I think about musicians. I dont understand why lots offamous people and especially musicians experiment with drugs. I would think thatif their life is going well why mess with it. Another thing this book made methink about is that Miles is still a very widely known artist.

Before readingthis book I hadnt known that he died in 1991, I thought that him and his musicwas something that died long ago and only older people listened to. That iswrong though. I enjoyed this book and didnt realize before how much work ittakes to live forever in history.


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