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Midland Airport Authority (MAA) Improve of the service at the airport Executive Summary The Midland Airport Authority (MAA) is a very successful airport in the UK, because it has a good local position and an excellent rail link from the major cities in the UK to the station under the airport. But the increase oft the passenger numbers has brought problems, because the service lost the quality. And therefore we are engaged from the British airport to solve these problems. IntroductionThis report will look at: • the total number of passengers using the terminal per year • results of a passengers survey • an action plan for the coming year Findings 1. For five years 1.

8 million people used the terminal of the MAA. For three years there 2. 6 million passengers and last year there were 4. 8 million customers. 2. The survey shows that passengers are very satisfied with the good transport link, but they also think that there isn’t enough space for the cars.

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Passengers are very satisfied with the security, but at the same time they are dissatisfied with the baggage service. 3. The airport hasn’t enough money to invest it in expensive equipment and they want to improve the communication. Conclusion The MAA has some big problems and not enough resources to solve this. Recommendation The MAA should focus on the improvement of the baggage service and the car park, because this isn’t expensive and these parts of service are very important for the passengers.


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