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In the time frame of 1987 to 2000 there was an individual that changed the game of basketball forever. He was truly a basketball icon of the 80’s and 90’s. His name was Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is great because of his greatness on the court, life skills off the court and his accomplishments in life. Michael Jordan is great because he is a remarkable leader on the court. Jordan was the captain of the Bulls during 1987 through 1999 era.He lived in Chicago because his team was there.

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He was team captain because he was a leader, he wanted to make his team better and his teammates had the same goal as him which ones to be the team. Jordan’s ability to lead a team was amazing and like no other.Michael Jordan appeared in 11 all-star games in his 14 season in the national basketball league (N. B.

A) and had won 4 all-star games most valuable player (M. V. P).

His most memorable game was in Las Vegas in February 1999 were he scored 41 points and was just brilliant. These examples show how much Jordan was a great player. Jordan led the bulls to 6 N. B. A championships in the years of 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998. The reason why Jordan won those Simon 2 many championships because he was such a great player and it was difficult to stop his force on the court.

Michael Jordan is great on the court because he was the main ingredient and the captain of the Chicago bulls, had 11 all-stars appearances and led his team to 6 N. B. A champions. Michael Jordan is great because of the things he does off the court. He has a multi-million dollar clothing company called Air Jordan, which was founded in 1987 in Chicago while he was playing in his first N. B.

A season. Almost every kid that plays basketball owns a pair of Jordan basketball shoes or Jordan or an item of clothing no matter where you are from Mexico to Canada. Jordan alsodonates a lot of his clothes to underprivileged youth basketball teams and basketball players. Jordan started the company with Nike because they knew he would sell shoes because he was going to become a great basketball player in the N. B.

A which he did become. Michael Jordan also started a charity for underprivileged kids in third world countries. He started it in 2000 with his family in Chicago. He thought it would be only right to help kids that need help. He helps kids by feeding them, paying for education, clothing Simon 3 and shelter. It shows that Michael Jordan is not only great on the court but also at heart.Michael Jordan is great off the court as well as on the court because he started his own clothing line and a charity to help underprivileged kids. Michael Jordan is great because of the accomplishments he has achieved in his life.

Jordan has the rarest abilities to achieve all challenges in life. Jordan is the only N. B. A player to ever play professional baseball.

Jordan played for the White Sox during 1994 to1995 season. Jordan played baseball growing up and his dad always wanted him to play professional baseball instead of basketball. In 1993 after his dad was murdered, he decided to retire from basketball and play baseball as a tribute o his dad.Michael Jordan is known as one of the best basketball players to ever play the game. He started a legacy which will last forever. Very little people have achieved greatness like Jordan and many never will. Jordan was ranked number one in slam ranking magazine in 2007. It was because of all the awards and hard work he has put into his game.

He has six N. B. A championships, 3 time league M. V. P 1988,1991,1992,4 time all-star MVP, 3 N.

B. A finals M. V. P, 3000 points in his career, most ever in the Simon 4 N. B. A. Michael Jordan is great due to his accomplishments in life for example he was the only N. B.

A player to play major league baseball, and is ranked number 1 among the best players to ever play the game. Michael Jordan is great because of his court leadership, as captain of the Chicago Bulls, 11 all-star appearances and 6 N. B. A championships. Jordan was also great off the court; he started a multi-million dollar clothing company and a wonderful non-profit charity for under privileged children. He also accomplished many great thins in his life like the only N.

B. A to ever play major league baseball and known as one of the greatest players to play the game of basketball. In conclusion that is why Michael Jordan is “Great”.


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