“Doubt this statement, because they believe that

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“Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Persian Proverb).

To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge? This expression is describing the fact that Persian people believed there is an evidence that doubt- which is the “status of feeling that a fact or action is true but there is uncertainty and it is a status between belief and disbelief ” is the key to open the doors which leads to knowledge which is “be sure and certain that a fact or decision is true”.There is enough proportion of people that agree about doubt can help us in verifications in different areas of knowledge such as natural science and history, because as our communities from all over the world are improving the new and old doubts and beliefs should be stated and be researched to help our improvement. But on the other side there are people who disagree with this statement, because they believe that doubt can lead to a closed pathway to knowledge and mislead them to the true statement they are looking for.In my opinion, I agree with this expression because doubt surely can help improving knowledge as our communities are having wider and unlimited ways of thinking, so everybody has his/her own perspective that can help him/her in improving their doubts, not like in old centuries where the society was controlled by the rulers, like what happened in Europe the Pope of the Vatican in Rome did not let the parish learn and explore things to gain more knowledge which finally lead to a lack and suppression of thoughts and education in the society.Doubt can be used to improve the basics of knowledge, to modify and add to the knowledge infrastructure in different areas of knowledge, because doubt increases the rates of our curiosity to know if it is true or false or if it can help another doubt to build up a statement or improve the knowledge, so does doubt help us in determining new thoughts and improve our previous thoughts and statements in an area of knowledge such as natural science?Natural science which is “the phenomena of all the sciences of the earth such as physics, biology that can be understood by illustrating statements or rules and theories. ” indeed natural sciences includes different majors of science like biology and physics which studies natural phenomena.

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Biologists did not just figure out the parts of the whole human being or other creatures and the function of each organism, but they worked together to organize their doubts of each organism and they tested all of them, so they can decrease the chances of other doubts to conclude a one true doubt, and the evolutionary in technology is improving the doubt they concluded before, therefore it is supporting this Persian statement which is doubt is the key to knowledge, so doubt plays a big role in finding the answers in the biology aspects and it acts as the driving force on the right pathway to a certain knowledge.Physicists also did not conclude the rules of speed, acceleration, momentum, force and work…

. etc, they modified the doubts of previous Physicists and added to them their doubts according to statements true for them, and also true for others, even though new physicians try to use previous doubts and their doubts to come up to the known true rules for all of us like law of speed, acceleration..

.. etc.Newton the famous Physicist who discovered a lot of laws accidentally and found the phenomena of gravitational force when he was sitting under the tree and an apple dropped and hit his head, so by illustrating his doubts and finding out the most appropriate one of them, he discovered that all of us can walk on the ground and everything on this earth is pulled to the ground floor by a force which is gravitational force with a constant speed of 9.

8, so thinking about doubts and test them to come up to the truth is very important in physics but it has limits, like if a physician claimed that the gravitational speed is less or more than 9.8 this is for sure is not a doubt that can lead to true knowledge because Newton’s speed was tested and was true for every person who needed this information. Scientists after tsunami justified what happened as there was only one earthquake which caused the hurricane, but after a group of them doubted that and said there was more than one earthquake to do such a huge hurricane, this doubt made scientists to investigate again to finally find that there were two earthquakes happened in a quick succession, in this example doubts from different perspective were needed to investigate more and it helped in determining the right answer.


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