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Meet the Fockers Lights, Camera, Action! Michelle Seymour Interpersonal Communications Jennifer Lundberg-Anders November 7, 2011 Meet the Fockers Meet the Fockers is a movie about two families who are meeting for the first time to prepare for Greg and Pam’s wedding. As their families get to know each other things do not go well as some funny and surprising things get in the way when secrets are revealed. Greg and Pam’s parent are totally different in every way and he tries to make light of it as much as he can.In this essay I will try to show you a couple of communication concepts and how they apply to certain scenes in the movie.

The first will be on self-concept and the second is on non-verbal communications- body gestures. Self-concept according to Alder and Proctor (2011) “is defined as the relatively stable set of perceptions each individual holds of himself or herself (p 448). This was applied throughout the movie but where it stood out the most was Jack (Pam’s father) holds up a picture card to his grandson, LJ. The picture card shows a female nurse and L.J laughs. This relates to self-concept because Greg is a nurse. It implies that it is funny because pam’s dad, Jack doesn’t think it is manly job for him to have.

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Jack does apologies because the card packet only has a female nurse, but he doesn’t seem sincere. Greg also says, “That’s a common mistake,” and does not do anything to change the misconception. He holds onto a self-concept that doesn’t agree with Jack or the with the female nurse. Goalorio. Us (2010) Meet the Fockers: An analysis of Interpersonal Communication Retrieved from http:// 20. oalorio. us/2010/05/communication_paper_1. html Nonverbal communications- body gestures according to Adler and Proctor (2011) “ is defined as movements of the hands and arms- and are an important type of nonverbal communications.

In fact, they are so basic to our nature that many people who have been sight-impaired form birth use them”(p 214). The scene that most stood out for me that show the nonverbal body gestures was when Greg goes up to LJ, the grandson, and talks “ baby talk” to him. Jack becomes upset and tells him to stop.

He explains that LJ is learning baby sign language because LJ is a baby and he’s too young to learn to speak and that sign language is better than baby talk. Jack shows Greg what LJ knows. LJ signs, “I would like to eat more please, I’d like a nap, and then later I’ll enjoy a nice poop. ” He does not speak a word. He uses body and hand gestures to speak.

Goalorio. Us (2010 May). Meet the Fockers: An Analysis of Interpersonal Communications.

Retrieved from http: // 20. goalorio. us/2010/05/communications_paper_1. tml So this shows that you can speak without using words but with the way you stand, sit , walk, etc. Also shows that using your hands will also give you another way to get across what you may not be able to do otherwise. Meet the Fockers is a comedy that shows many different interpersonal communication situations. I showed you some of these situations like self-concept and nonverbal communications- body gestures. Also in this movie I could see how understanding general communication concepts is important to expressing ideas and avoiding misunderstanding.

So has I stated earlier you can see all the different ways that interpersonal communications plays a big part of our lives in every way we try to relay a message. There were others also like listening and perception that I did not talk about but were a big part of this movie. I think this paper in my opinion was done better and I think that my strong point is that I’m starting to understand this class and I feel I’m getting better in writing essays. My weakness would still be my writing style. As for a grade I guess I’d give it a possible B- for this essay.


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