StreptokinaseThrombolytic, from cancer. Comes in tablets (rare),

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StreptokinaseThrombolytic, aka clot buster. One of our TPA (tissue plasminogen activator) used to bust clots in a pt with a stroke from an embolus or a thrombus or is having an MI from a thrombus or an embolus. Problem is if you bust the clot it will bust clots from head to toe giving biggest risk of BLEEDING.Aminophylline/TheoDur Adrenergic bronciodilators, watch aminophylline levels bc there is I fine line between theraputic and toxic.

Dilate pupils so don’t give to closed angle glaucoma. Will make you nervous jittery, decrease caffeine in their diet.HeparinAnticoagulant, monitor dose with PTT, can be given sub-q or IV. Never ever IM because it will make the muscle bleed. #1 drug when a person has a DVT, must have drug double checked with another nurse before giving. SE: bleeding.

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Antidote is prodomyicin sulfate.Morphine Opiate agonist, narcotic analgesic that all narcotics are based upon (prototype) non-ceiling drug, so keep on giving, raise dose for more pain. Used for acute pain such as post surgery and burn pain. But it is also good in severe chronic pain, such as pain from cancer. Comes in tablets (rare), liquid, injectable form, and a PCA pump form.

Usual dose 10-12 mg q 2-4 hrs. biggest problem= it is a CNS depressant so need to avoid other CNS depressants (alcohol), can cause resp depression. Do not give is resp are 12 or below.

Double check resp in hr (inj)DigoxinLanoxin, cardiotonic glycoside. Slows but strengthens the heartbeat, often give a loading dose to get the heart were it is supposed to be and then back off and give a maintanence dose. Usual dose 0.25 mg. always check an apical before giving, if below 60 hold the med and call dr. biggest problem is in older patients where there glomerular filtration rate decreases, they end up with accumulation of this drug, because their ADME is decreased as well as their glomerular filtration. Have a apical pulse of like 40MarplanMAO inhibitor, used as antidepressant, main concern is a diet that is low in fermented things (beer, cheese) can throw them into a hypertensive state.

NitroglycerinCoronary vasodilator, used to treat angina, comes in a sublingual tablet to be used in an attack, can us one every five minutes up to 15 minutes, or 3 doses before calling 911. need to replace the bottle every 3 to 6 months, keep in a dark tight container (disenigrates when exposed to air, moisture, or light), come in a bid med, called nitrobid. Comes in patch that you take every day, opens up blood vessels to the heart.OxytocinExample, pitocin. It causes the contraction of the uterus.

To initiate labor, but also given post partum to prevent hemmorrage. Need to watch uterus and contractions. WarfarinGeneric name of coumadin.

Anticoagulant. Works against the PT, and INR (1.5-2.0 x the control).

Taken PO when dismissed from hospital. Antidote is vitamin K. if they are on coumadin then they are on restricted diet high in vitamin k. watch for bleedingValiumBenzodiazapine, anticonvulsive, hypnotic sedative, muscle relaxant, anti xyolitic.

Color coated for different doses. (white, yellow, pink), dose come in injectable form. Never ever mix with another med.

Is a CNS depressant, so watch giving with other CNS depressants, or alcohol.BactrimSulfonamide, not a true antibiotic, but antimicrobial agent, used to treat UTI and otitis media in children. SE: allergies, urine crystals. So you need to push fluidsAspirinNon narcotic analgesic, also an NSAID bc it reduces inflammation, antipyretic by reducing fevers. Given in small amounts to prevent platelets from sticking together, that prevents strokes or MIs (81 mg tablet daily). Watch for bleeding.

Causes upset GI, do not allow kids to take because of ryes syndrome. Gi bleeding and GI upset are on of the biggest problems with aspirin.AlbuterolAdrenergic bronchiodilator, use in inhaler, need to know how to use properlyPen V-KPenicillin antibiotic, main concern is hypersensitivity. Ask questions first, and watch for rashes. Milk of MagnesiaAntacid, saline laxative.

Problem is OD them you can end up with hypermagnesisumism. Mix it well before taking and you can flush it with waterMetamucilBulk laxative, safe or natural. Mix in the room or it will become paste.OncovinAntineoplastic agents for cancer. Chemo agent.

SE: bone marrow depression, N/V, anorexia, alopeciaProcardiaCalcium channel blocker, used for an


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