I grandpas dont even know about this

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I stand pretty hard on this one. And many of my peers as well. The ones that dont are mostly the serious middle age citizens, as they enjoy calling themselves. The grandmas and grandpas dont even know about this issue, so they are not as loud on it.

Lucky us! The fact is, majority of the marijuana consumers are we, the young people. Why do we do it? Why not? We are young and we want to have fun. Getting high gets our boredom away. It is easy for the serious middle aged citizens to say that this is a poor reason but, after all, they are serious.

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They did the same at our age. But now, of course, they are sinless. What would they say about the people that need this drug desperately for medical use? Or it is fine to be an anti-marijuana activist as long as Tylenol and Advil do it for you? How selfish! There are people out there crying out for medical help. This is their last hope. Should we ignore them? Let them suffer and die? Finally, marijuana is not as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol, but we havent abolished them. Hundreds of thousands of deaths each year are the casualties of tobacco and alcohol consumption.

But Jack Daniels and Camel ads are still on the back-cover of our favorite magazines. Not to mention the billions of dollars only US government spends fighting marijuana. Wake up Uncle Sam, there are some real dangers you need to eliminate, and marijuana is not one of them. The fun time it provides, its medical use, and the discriminations it is a subject of, support the idea of its legalization. Well, what can I say, Uncle Sam is just too busy to listen to us potheads.

But, wait Uncle Sam, even your creators toke it up once in a while. Apparently, for President Clinton Lewinsky wasnt a scandal big enough, so he stepped forward and said, I smoked (marijuana), but I didnt inhale. Its like one saying, Yeah, I drank some beer, but I didnt swallow. Lets face reality. Marijuana is part of peoples lives and we cannot ignore that. People need pleasures, and marijuana seems to be our- young peoples, favorite one.

So why dont you let us enjoy it? High is our association of fun. And it is so because of a reason. The feeling is beyond our imagination- minutes lasting hours, feeling happy and secure, heart bumping in the music beet.

.. If you dont believe us, there is only one way you can find the truth. Be brave and dont let fear and prejudice get on your way. The ones against legalization either havent tried marijuana and should try it before they take a stand, or have consumed marijuana and dont have the right to deny us that privilege.

But, fun is not what it is all about. People that need marijuana for more fundamental reasons too. Medical use of marijuana is the most radical one. Who could deny ones need for medicine? Such inhuman act astonishes me. It is medically proven that marijuana can relieve angle glaucoma, asthma, and the nausea associated with chemotherapy and AIDS.

It has also been described as a tumor retardant, an antibiotic, sleep and appetite inducer, and a muscle relaxant. So, before we brag how humanitarian we are and preach what we have done about people suffering from these diseases, we better stop and think about what we havent done, and the things we have denied these people. Wearing a red ribbon on the 1st of December wont help a HIV positive person. Next year he probably wont be among us living. And as long as his nausea is so dreadful that he cant eat, no red ribbon or no money can help him.

While we shout to our wives and mothers for not having Tylenol for our headache, he is dying and he has no one to shout to. Lying in a hospital room, having stomach cramps and vomiting stomach acid, hallucinating due to pain, he is too insignificant for our government to listen to. And we thought citizens needs are all a society is about!


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