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Title: MAKE NEW FRIEND Order :Topical Order General Purpose:To inform Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about how to make new friends. Central Idea:Knowing the right steps on how to make new friend can help us toget many new friend. INTRODUCTION I. My father is a retired teacher. II. I have the privilege of staying in many different places. III. Changing schools, homes towns and, cities was a part of my growing up years. IV. I have many friends from various place. V. Leaving my friends in a certain place was a bit difficult. VI.

However, every time I enter school or study at a new place, I will have problems to start a friendship. VII. Today, I would like to share with all of you some point on how to make new friends. (Transition: Let’s start with the first point on how to make new friends. ) BODY I. You need to accept the situation. A. Accept the fact that you need to meet new people. If you keep condoning your situation, then it’s not going to get you anywhere. B. Staying alone is never an option. C. Accept your situation and strive to make a new friend. Transition: Let us look at second way on how we can make new friends. ) II. You must socialized and mingle around. A. Socialize is the only formula of coming across people and making new friends. B. Begin with a small change everyday. C. Talk to the person sitting next to you. D. Opportunity to discover new people. (Transition: What other step of how to make new friends can help us making new friends? ) III. Don’t do the common mistake. A. Look for same qualities which we liked in our old friends. B. Expect too much, and lose out on what we could have had.

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C. The best way is have an open mind, and lesser expectations. (Transition: Now you had know about you mistake. Let’s look at how social club can help us make new frinds. ) IV. Just join in social club. A. Join the respective clubs. B. Club can help come across a variety of people in a variety of situations. C. Clubs are great ways to make new friends, interact on regular basis, share common interests and know one another better. (Transition: Another way you can do to make new friends is get along with them. V. Get together with the friends. A. Exchange your numbers and e-mail addresses. B. Do the crazy things to do with friends on weekends. C. Get together and doing ‘out of the box’ things. CONCLUSIONS I. I hope, now all of you know how to make new friends. II. The fact that we are looking for new friends, means we have had them in the past. III. Done with honesty, integrity and openness to new thoughts and ideas. IV. Leave all your worries about people making judgments and drawing conclusions aside.


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