Lucille Sykes

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> March 9th- An Amish couple called for an ambulance to have their baby at Sykes’s home. ; Montone (head of social services) told Lucille Sykes she was breaking the law. ; Lucile Sykes agreed to stop practising and had a warning given. ; March 23rd she broke her promise by delivering another Amish baby. Arguments ; Equality v Freedom ; Experience v Qualifications The Case for the prosecution- ; The Amish have already broken their tradition by going in an ambulance. ; Lucille Sykes is not registered or officially trained. ; Lucille Sykes knew that she was breaking the law but still continued to deliver.

; Eugene Montone also told her that she was breaking the law. ; She agreed to stop practising and also had a warning given. Eugene Montone told her that is she resumed her practice; he would file charges against her. ; Lucille Sykes broke her word on March 23rd when she delivered another baby for the Amish. ; She charged the Amish on March 23rd $400 for delivering the baby. ; Lucille was being paid for doing wrong. ; Lucille Sykes has no qualifications. She needs a nursing degree to become a midwife, three years experience as a nurse and she also needs to take midwifery exams.

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She has ignored all of that and started delivering babies, which is against the law. ; Although she hasn’t had any problems so far, problems could occur tomorrow since there are handicap problems, dwarfism etc in their community. > What would she do if there were a problem since the Amish have no modern transport, no type of equipment to contact the hospital or qualified midwifes? > It would take the Amish a lot of time to reach the hospital by the horse and carriage and by then, the problem would of have increased. > There are no qualified midwifes in the area.

> If the newborn baby had a breathing problem, there would be no machines and once again, no fast transport to take them to the hospital. > The state law says that all midwifes should be qualified nurses. There should be no unqualified midwifes. > If she has enough experience to become a qualified midwife, why don’t she become one? ; The Amish parents admitted that Sykes delivered all six of their children. ; The Amish also said that there are lots of disabilities in the Amish communities. ; Although she does do checks on her patients, if there is a problem, there will be no doctors or nurses in the area for her to quickly go and call.

She cannot phone them because there are no mobiles telephones or telephones boots. ; The ambulance man (head of social services) asked the Amish parents if Lucille Sykes was charging them for delivering babies. Since they don’t lie, they replied ‘yes. ‘ The Case for the Defence- > Lucille Sykes is doing her best to help maintain the Amish’s simple lifestyle and that prosecuting her threatens that lifestyle in all Amish communities in the state. ; Lucille Sykes has thirteen years of relevant experience. ; She is well respected by the Amish community and also by the midwife community.

; There are much worse people going around in the Amish community doing that. ; Lucille has an excellent report and record of experience. ; She has spent ten years delivering babies for the Amish community. ; Lucille Sykes has enough experience to be a qualified midwife. ; Lucille Sykes has been with Salina Walters the president of Pennsylvania Midwives Association, for thirteen years and she knows that Lucille and the other unqualified midwifes are a training group. ; In total, she has delivered six hundred babies for families in the Amish community.

; Out of the six hundred babies she has delivered, Eugene Montone mentioned that there was no problem with either of the deliveries. ; The Amish parents said that all Lucille Sykes is doing is helping the Amish community out and that she is a blessing from god. ; Salina Walters said that Most of the Amish are born at home and die at home, this is their way and do it by their choice. ; The Amish view childbirth not as a medical problem but as a special and blessed time in their lives so therefore going to hospital and getting their babies delivered by nurse would be breaking their tradition and home is precious to them.


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