Lord of the story. Jack: Jack is Ralph

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Lord of the FliesCharacter Analysis:Ralph: main character- Ralph is the narratorof the story.Jack: Jack is Ralph main enemy in thestory. He leads the hunters.Piggy: Piggy is the smart one of the group.Simon: He is my favorite character inthe story. He is viewed as the Christ-figure and interprets the mysteriesof the island.Roger: Roger is Jacks “sidekick” andis a vicious murderer at heart.

Sam and Eric: The twins stick close toRalph until they are forced to join the hunters. Their main job is to watchthe signal fire.The littluns: The littluns are basicallythe younger boys and ride the bandwagon.The two boys Ralph and Piggy meet eachother in a thick jungle and discover that they crashed in an airplane andare stranded. They also learn that there are no adults present on the islandand that none of the adults survived the crash.As they approach a beach, they find anenormous conch shell. Piggy gives the conch a little toot and summons therest of the boys on the island to the beach.

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The boys assemble and electRalph as the leader. Ralph then assigns the Choir, led by Jack, to be thehunters.Then Jack, Ralph, and Simon set out toexplore the island. Near the end of their journey, they encounter a wildpig.

Jack tries to kill it, but is unsuccessful.When the explorers get back, a meetingis held. The explorers explain that the island is deserted but there isenough food to keep them alive. Jack and the hunters promise to supplymeat. Ralph makes a rule that whoever is in possession of the conch shellis allowed to speak. Ralph proposes the idea of a signal fire to alertpassing ships of their presence.

All the boys agree and everybody rushesto the hilltop to start a fire. The fire sparks the gathered wood intoa blaze. One of the boys is reported missing but none of the boys willadmit to the likelihood of an accident.Everyone is hard at work the next day,either building huts or hunting. Soon the younger boys loose interest andgo off to play. A meeting is called and the boys come up with some newideas and talk about problems. Meanwhile jack wanders off and enjoys thepeace and quiet.

Soon the boys get into a rhythm of everydaylife. In the morning is the best time for activity because it is cool andquiet. Afternoons are associated with napping. Some of the littluns aresuffering from diarrhea from eating too much fruit.While Ralph and Piggy sit on the beachthey notice a ship on the horizon, and are horrified to see that the signalfire has gone out. The boys rush to the hilltop to try to get it goingagain but it is too late.

Jack and the hunters who were in charge of thefire were nowhere to be found. Ralph scolds Jack about the fire and heapologizes though he does not really care.Another meeting is called at the familiarplace and Ralph reprimands them about their irresponsibility. Then thesubject of the so called “beast” comes up. Ralph and Piggy try to givean explanation but it has no effect. Eventually chaos spreads though thecrowd and the run off led by Jack, and Ralph is thoroughly agitated.That night, an air battle is going on anda dead pilot, with a parachute, lands next to the signal fire where Samand Eric have fallen asleep.

They are awakened and are terrified by theshadows and the body. The twins scramble down to the beach where a grouphas assembled, and they tell the story with farfetched details.A team of explorers is sent to investigate.They discover new land and plan what they will do with it, but Ralph remindsthem of their mission and they continue. As they approach the hilltop,Jack accuses Ralph of being chicken and starts up by himself.

They arefrightened by what they see and spread even more panic with their report.Jack decides to hold a meeting and announcesthe threat of the beast and take a vote to overthrow Ralph. Nobody elseagrees and Jack runs off alone in embarrassment. Soon the fire is rebuiltand Ralph notices some of the boys have gone to join Jack. He is concerned.Jack and his group have captured anotherboar and are preparing it to be eaten, and they cut off its head and mountit on a pole as a gift for the beast.

As Ralph, Piggy, and the remaining boyssit on the beach, some of the hunters surprise them and ambush them. Notwanting a fight the hunters only take some torches from the fire, and leavesaying that Jack is the leader of the new tribe and they are having a feastand everyone is invited. Also, they can join Jacks tribe if they behaveproperly.Meanwhile, Simon was having an encounterwith the pig head. It seemed to be speaking to him. It warned him thathe cannot escape him and that he is in everyone.

After the pig head verballyattacks Simon repeatedly, he faints.After Simon recovers, he walks, very tiredand fearful, to where the pilot is and frees the parachute. Then he wandersto the bottom of the mountain to tell the boys of the news.

The other boys decide to join the feast.As night approaches, the hunters do a ferocious war dance, and even Ralphand Piggy jump in. As Simon approaches, he is seen as a mere shadow bythe dancers, and they are so barbarian that they viciously attack Simon,not hearing the cry of their friend Simon.

Despite his efforts, Simon diesas a tropical storm rolls in, and his body is washed out to sea.Ralph and Piggy feel terribly about whathas happened and cannot live with themselves. That night some of Jackstribe assault the hut on the beach where the remaining boys are housed.

After all the confusion, the boys discover that Piggys glasses are gone.Ralph, Piggy, and Sam and Eric decide tovisit Castle Rock (Jacks Hide Out.) They are greeted with resistance.Piggy hears a roar coming toward him. It is a boulder, dislodged by Roger,that crushes Piggy under it. Sam and Eric are captured and Ralph escapeswith a flesh wound.

The next morning Ralph is awakened by voicesand soon realizes that Jack has set the forest on fire to smoke him out.Armed with a spear he thinks of only escape. As he reaches the end of theisland, at a beach, he collapses from exhaustion. When he comes around,he sees a naval officer standing before him and the hunters standing aroundin disbelief.

He gets to his knees and cries.Areas of Usage of Chemistry:1. Pg. 43-44 Piggys glasses to startfire.

2. Pg. 195 The forest is set on fire.3.

Pg. 138 The decomposition of the pig.4.

Pg. 59 Example of malnutrition andpoor digestion.5. Pg. 67 The fire goes out because oflack of fuel.


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