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There are several reasons which make me believe that living with a host family is the best chose when studying abroad. Host family is a family which a student pays for living with-often when studying abroad. First, Practice a foreign language with native speakers in their day-to-day make students learns the language faster. Improving his English is also one of the benefits.Second, a guest student will learn a lot of new things and skills by share in the daily life and experiences of the family and immerse himself in that family’s culture.

Also he will learn how to be responsible by depending upon him. Other skill is communicated with different people with different culture by introducing him to families, friends, and neighbors. On the other hand, some people may say that a student who lives with a host family will feel homesick. In fact, most host families make their foreign students a part of the family by given the opportunity to share in conversation and daily activities. So when students are sick or perhaps simply homesick, a loving host family, ready to provides advice and offer moral support for the student who would otherwise be alone.Lastly it can be seen clearly that Living abroad with a host family can be very, very good.

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Student can make new friends, see new places and immerse himself thoroughly in a new culture complete with local languages and slang. It also can give students experience and teach him how to be responsible. Living with a host family is full of advantage.


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