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I, Gerogar, son of Heorogar, your cousin, send you word of bad news. I am writing this letter to you so that someone may know the ills that have fallen upon this village if the present events do not change. Much has happened from the time that you visited last and wish there to be an account of what happened to this village if I am not able to tell you in person.The ill that has fallen on this town is a terrible monster. The people of the village had heard stories of this demon creature, but everything we were told about it indicated the creature had been long banished.

If this was the case, the monster escaped it banishment and is now plaguing this village with many evils. The monster to which I refer is the terrible Grendel that has its evil ways retold in songs from our past.When Grendel reappeared most of us could not believe the stories that a messenger described about the creature. They took place outside of the town in a region that no one ever visited.

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Believe me cousin, the stories about this creature are true and now Grendel comes and attacks the village were I live. One night Grendel attacked a company of the best guards while they were asleep. He killed many of them and took thirty of there bodies back to his liar were we assume they were his feast. The tragedy that falls on us does not stop at this one night. One night later he return to the village and the body count was much higher this time; Grendel showed no mercy.

The fear in this country is great while we wait for Grendel’s next coming, but we will not flee for we are not cowards. We do have hope on the horizon. Our leader has sent word to a foreign land and requested the aid of the Beowulf, the Geat.

Days we have waited for his arrival and I am hoping he will arrive before Grendel returns. If he fails to get here in time I believe that everything here will be destroyed, everyone here will be killed. This letter is also to serve as a notice to you that if I should die, all my lands go to you, my closest kin.Cousin, I can not spend anymore time on this letter because my village must make preparations for Grendel’s return. I wish that I could have made this longer for there is much that we can discuss from our past victories. Remember this village is songs as being brave and not just a village wiped out by monsters.

If we do not met again in this life then, then I look forward to seeing you in the next.Bibliography:


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