Letter to a director of An Inspector Calls

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I have read the letter that you sent me. Have you even read my play, or has one of your receptionists reviewed it. I totally disagree with you. There are several reasons for this. You believe that the play is seriously out of date and has, therefore, no relevance to society today. Why? I believe that this play challenges the society of the day, because in the play you will find that the period that the play is set in, 1912, had a very traditional gender role.

In the play Shelia plays a very dominant role, she her self is challenging the ways of life, by calling off the engagement with Gerald, she also talks back to her father and does not do as she is told. This behaviour is defiantly not normal for a woman in 1912. A woman in 1912 was expected to be housewife and was supposed to be there to have children and look after them. Yet the behaviour shown by Sheila is perfectly acceptable in this day and age. Another reason I have made this play out of time is so that the people of this day and age will be able to see what people were like in 1912, and we should not be like them.

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It is also out of date deliberately so that it does not offend today’s generations. The characters are not unrealistic and stereotypical. I believe that the characters need to be this way to get across the message, that they are upper class and ostentatious, so they believe that they are soupier to all other classes, and they will use there money to get what they want. Mr. Birling has worked his way up to get where he is, he is a hard headed businessman but he is uneducated, the children are spoilt, they don’t have anything to work for because their future is wrapped in money.

It is noticeably crude so that the audience can learn from the Birlings mistakes. All the Birlings treat Eva evilly in some way; Mr Birling fired her going on strike for better wages he says “Its my duty to keep costs down” This just proves that Mr. Birling is selfish because he is only thinking about money for himself; he does not stop to think about what will happen to Eva after he has sacked her. Sheila then got Eva sacked from milwards, for looking prettier than her in a hat. When Eva is in the Palace Variety theatre Gerald rescues her from Joe Meggarty, who Gerald refers to as

“Obscene fat carcass” who had wedged Eva Smith into a corner. He then took her for a drink at a county hotel has an affair with Eva and just leaves her once he has had enough of her. After Gerald leaves her she soon meets Eric and after a night out Eric rapes her, and she becomes pregnant. Mrs. Berling refers to Eva as “This absurd business” This shows that Mrs. Berling is a cold, austere woman. Also Mrs. Birling turned her away from her charity when she most needed their help. Mrs. Birling then says

“She was claming elaborate fine flings and scruples that were simply absurd in a girl in her position, I accept no blame for it at all” Here she is saying that she would not help her because of the mess that she has got herself into. When really it is the rest of Mrs Berlings family that have got her into the mess that she is in. I don’t want the audience to like the family so they look down on them and they don’t end up like the Berlings. Sheila is the only Berling that listens to the inspector, this is because Sheila is not blinded to the outside world like Mr. and Mrs.

Berling are, and they are blinded by their money and think that they are an idol compared to a working class girl. “An so you used the power you had, as a daughter of a good customer and also of a man well known in the town, to punish the girl just because she made you feel like that” This is what the inspector said to Shelia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jimathy!!!!!!!!!!!! They will use their money to get what they want and are unaware what is happening to other people around them. I have done this to make the audience sympathetic to wards Shelia and Eric because they understand what they have done, unlike Mr.

And Mrs. Birling. Thirdly you believe that there is little dramatic impact due to a lack on theatrical devices. The play is produced in this way so that the audience will concentrate on the characters and not the background scenery. At first the lights are at a soft pink colour to reflect the party, when the inspector arrives to suddenly changes to a brilliant white light to impose the light of an interrogation, by the inspector, it makes them feel intimidated. It makes them see the light. The play also obeys the three unities of time, place and setting.

The fact that the play is a real time play makes it very powerful. Because the audience have o concentrate on the characters all the time, there is no interval. This is so that their minds do not stray from the play. The inspector’s arrival is significantly ironic because, when he arrives the Berlings party breaks down, because the inspector is like a stopper on their enjoyment and brings them back down into the reality of this world. Because they when they are having the engagement party they think that they are the best, because the do not notice what they have done and who it has affected.


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