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In Shakespeare’s play of “Caesar” Brutus is a conspirator who portraysa person who favors a republic for Rome. Brutus is an honorable man. Manycharacters in the play show there reverence for Brutus. Brutus exemplifieshis honor in many ways.

Brutus is obsequious when he is needed to abet hisfellow romans.Brutus is an honorable man. “Am I entreated to Speak and Strike? ORome I make thee promise, If the redress will follow, then receivest thyfull petition at the hand of Brutus” (Shakespeare 397).

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Brutus will obey towhatever the romans convey to him. Consequently, Brutus joins theconspiracy inorder to help the romans rid rome of Caesar. Brutus alsounderstands that he is putting it all on the line for his romans, thereforeBrutus is an honorable man.Brutus is a scrupulous man, whose virtues endure. “No not an oath, Ifnot by the face of men, the sufferance of our souls, the time’s abuse-Ifthese motives be weak, break off betimes, and every men hence to his idlebed; So let high sighted tyranny rage on, till each man drop by lottery”(Shakespeare 399). Brutus said that if the conspirators do not join for acommon cause, then there is no need for an oath because the conspiratorsare self-righteous, and they are serving the romans.

If the conspiratorsdon’t bind together, then each man will go his own way, become a weakling,and die when it suits the tyrants caprice. Brutus is advocates peace,freedom and liberty, for all romans, which shows that Brutus is analtruistic as well as an honorable man.Brutus also had a compassion for Caesar when he had killed Caesar.

“Ifthen that a friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is myanswer: Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”(Shakespeare 421). Brutus had honored Caesar but Brutus felt that Caesarwas to ambitious. Brutus also felt that Caesar made the romans as slaves.Therefore, Brutus is an honorable man.

Brutus is a noble man who was revered by many. Brutus had joined theconspiracy because he had the desire to help the commoners. He was afollower of idealism, where the romans would possess peace, liberty andfreedom. Brutus wanted the kill Caesar, because he believed that all of thepeople of Rome would eventually be slaves, thus Brutus resorted to theassassination if Caesar.

Brutus is a honorable man.


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