Nobody cannot control her emotions. The characteristic of

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Nobody is emotionless even though some people show their emotions less than others, but every living human being has feelings and each new situation has some impact on a person. Each person copes with the new situation in a different way, with different emotions and attitudes. It is said that women show their emotions more than men do, but I don’t agree with the idea that emotions are something bad, although when somebody says about another person that he or she is too emotional, we don’t put this characteristic into the group of good ones.The association of a woman being too emotional usually creates the vision in people’s minds that the woman either cries too much or more over is hysterical and cannot control her emotions.

The characteristic of a man being too emotional is not as usual. I believe that men are also emotional but only in private, most of men has the ego that cannot be broken by anybody otherwise that would feel like they had lost. It always depends on the person but generally speaking I believe this is true.When somebody shows too much of their emotions they let people to get to know them faster and better, which I personally rarely do. One can create a habit how to behave in certain situations that happen again and again over and over or some of these situations are so common that we don’t give any meaning to our emotions.

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I stated earlier that emotions are anything but bad, but a person can have a wrong emotion on a certain situation, which has already happened to me same as to any other person I believe.People over react when they are stressed or under some pressure and later on they regret their attitudes and emotions but what is once done is hard to take back. Some people cannot simply control their emotions. Anyways I also have a personal experience when my emotions were not the right ones in that particular situation and I regret how I had behaved afterwards.

This experience is actually a very recent one and I still have it my mind and feel bad for it.I came back from a school trip from Saint Petersburg and I had not seen my family for three weeks because they were in Egypt two weeks before I left for Russia. Anyways I was on my way home and I had a really bad landing and some fights with people on the plane and just too many issues had pilled up, then my dad told me about problems I have now with my place where I live and so I came home and my brother said something and I just started yelling and calling him names.He was pretty much shocked and I made him run into his room and not talking to anybody for the rest of the night. I felt really bad about it afterwards and asked myself why did I act like that? Why did I have such strong emotions? I believe his comment was the final “thing” for me to explode. Even though he helped me to get all my stress out I should not have over reacted and act like that.

I talked to him the next day and apologized. But since that I try to do even more things that makes him happy than I would normally do. The emotions we consider “right” are easier to describe.Simply these emotions are very similar to the whole society.

People cry or are sad when something bad happens, when a close person dies, when one does not pass an important exam, when one is not successful. The intensity of each emotion varies from person to person. People are happy when they achieve their goal, when somebody told them something nice, simply when good news happens. How do people know what the right emotion is? I Believe that we have to listen to our senses and do what we think is right and not just the society.


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