Rini day my mother told me to

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Rini Khristi I woke awoke that bright sunny day to the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining upon my face.

It was a peaceful morning, and I relaxed in bed for a couple of minutes and looked forward to my day. I wondered what I would do throughout the day, and like a typical teen during summer break I decided to go out to the mall, grab ice cream, and dip in the pool later that night. Unfortunately my mother informed me that I had to go job hunting.I winced at the sound of my mother telling me to go find work. “Mom I’m not going to find a job” was my initial reply. However my mother forced me into making a resume and go job hunting later with her. I was depressed, all my plans that I made for the day seemed even more desirable now, but instead I was stuck in the car going to find work. While sitting in the backseat I thought of all the benefits to having a job, I would become more responsible, have extra cash around, and maybe buy a car.

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By the time my mom arrived at her friend’s store, my view of a job dramatically changed. My mom’s friend hired me on the spot and I was ecstatic; I was hired as a store clerk, I had to manage phone calls and tend with customers. My life suddenly changed, I was becoming more responsible, waking up on time, managing my money wisely, as well as my time.

Making plans with friends was hard, and I looked forward to the weekend to relax.While these events unfolded, I didn’t realize I was changing as a person, and didn’t realize its significance till now. I am glad that day my mother told me to find a job; I also listen to my mother’s advice more often now. Having a job really impacted my life and I look forward to future events that will continue shaping my character. I used to be lazy, irresponsible, and very dependent. Having a job really changed me as a person, as today I find myself less lazy, responsible and independent.


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