“Jerry about their customers, the only things

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“Jerry Maguire” At the beginning of the movie, Jerry Maguire is the one behind the scenes, the top agent working in the SMI. He is good at business and knew how to make the money for his customers, but the problem is in this SMI Company nobody care about their customers, the only things they do care about is money, how much money can the customer made. In the movie, Jerry Maguire has handle 72 clients and gets an average of 264 phone calls a day . He always be busy and he has no ability to take care of each customers. And his character is honest, he do the best for his job, even a lot of the little things were going to wrong.

For example, a player got his fourth concussion cause the match, but nobody get him to stop. After the player’s son said, “Fuck you” to him, he is perplexed, he hates himself, hates his place in the world, always do the same thing, make the money. Then something disrupted his life, the breakthrough. He finds himself and remembers the simple pleasures of this job and why he starts this job. He begins writing the mission statement, suggestion for the future of the company. The SMI should find the way to protect the players in health and in injury; they should not forget what are players important. “Fewer clients.

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Less money. More attention. Caring for them.

” But this opinion is conflict with the company, because the company’s job is make money; get more profit from the clients. He gives each people the copy, which is means he will has the trouble. After a week, he was fired. How could the company abandon the profit? He wants all his clients leave with him but non-people wants to leave with Jerry, excluded the woman who loves him. He focus on how to collateralized-debt obligations, how to revenge his boss and opponents. He tries to make the new company and got one successes player decided to stay with him without the contracts.He did a lot for this player, but they broke their promise, they decided to back the SMI. Jerry lost anything again.

However, God always will open a window,he works with the help of one loyal colleague and one outmoded client, but he does not really care the woman who loves him, made her house to be a harbor for rest. Care about outmoded sport client health basis on the profits. After he broke-up with his girlfriend he got marriage with the women who left with him from the company SMI, but their marriage had the problem because the Jerry, he has had marriage with Dorothy just cause he can not be alone.However, as the contact with the outmoded client, he understands the real meaning of life, realize the sincere communication between people is the most important, In that fateful game, Rod tumbled down, he rushed approach in match, and right now the relationship between them is no longer the agent and employees, but real friendship of the sincerity. This is not to use a “you are my only the client” can explain. After climax, He suddenly realized that he loves his wife, he came back to the home and share the joyful with his wife. He has had his rewarded from expend.


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