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Jail and Prison p 1 Jail and Prison Cassandra Hill CJA/204 Mendi Coombes 10/26/11 Jail and Prison p 2In the Criminal Justice world the jail and prisons play an extremely important role to society. These facilities have a history just like any other part of Criminal Justice, and were created with great Purpose.

There is much about these facilities that are not known by the general public. This paper will Educate on the types of prisons, also the concept of the prison as a whole institution. I will also go over The community based corrections programs. Maybe one of the more important topics is the violence behind the walls, that is not always mentioned to the public will also be covered in this paper.Then finally, I will go over the concept of parole and probation, along with the role of truth in sentencing.

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First, we have many types of facilities just in the United States, for example; there is State Facilities which are run by the State Department of Corrections, and each state has many of the facilities. Arizona alone has at least ten of these prisons across Arizona, some states have more and some less. Prisoners in these facilities have violated state laws in some fashion or another. There are also Federal Prisons, which hold prisoners who have violated federal law.There are private prisons that are owned by private companies. In some cases, such as Corrections Corporation of America they will contract with state prisons and take their overloads.

In some of these cases, prisoners will be shipped out of their sentencing states for a period of their sentence. We also have military prisons where prisoners of war will be held. There are also psychiatric prisons, where mental prisoners are held. Throughout the nation there are separate facilities for men and women, so that they may be housed Separately for more control over violence in the prisons.Prisons are categorized into four different types, this is broke down by security level. First, there is minimum security, this is the lowest level for an inmate, and may be referred to as a prison camp or farm, they may even be allowed to wear civilian clothes.

Then we have medium security prison, medium has supervision on all inside and outside movement. Inmates are to wear one color that is different from that of the staff, also their visitors can not wear the same color as the inmate or Jail and Prison p 3 The staff.They have guards over them all day and night.

In many of the medium it can either be an open Pod or a cell that carries two inmates with a bunk bed. Though maximum can resemble medium in many Ways, the maximum facilities. They do however have all death row inmates on a maximum security yard, and other dangerous criminals. Then there is super max prison, this is especially reserved for people like terrorists, who choose to attack our country.

There is always a risk to the staff in the prisons and even other inmates.Each security level is setup to house those individuals at their risk level. Many medium and maximums may even be setup on one yard.

One prison may have a minimum, medium and a maximum yard. Much of society when they think of jail or prison, they think of them as one in the same. This is not true, they are very different from one another. Many inmates would rather be on a prison yard than in the jail since they are more free to move. Jail actually costs more than the prison to house an inmate. Jail is more of a holding facility, and very light sentences under 366 days.Prison is the permanent home for an inmate until they have completed their sentence. Many of the sentences vary, from six months to life or even death.

Prison have changed so many times as to how they were going to change the inmates that came to see them, they went through many different eras, including the now Just Deserts. The basic concept is for punishment, deterrence and rehabilitation. Many of the prisons offer classes for self improvement, jobs, and religious get together for the inmates to build themselves and be productive. However ore than it is about the prisoners doing programs, the just deserts era, has picked up the philosophy of punishment. The inmates are getting harsher sentences, maybe as a way to deter new possible criminals from following in their footsteps. The community based programs work on keeping overcrowding down in the jail and prisons systems, by offering the inmates life skills and rehabilitation programs like counseling and such.

They also help convicted felons with job training and assist with employment. These services are very much needed after a life in a facility like this.There has always been violent behavior in prisons since the dawn of time.

Prisons are very Jail and Prison p 4 Very political, not only between the inmates, but the entire system behind those walls is political. Each nationality sticks within their own group, whether you are not prejudice on the streets or not You are housed with your own race. Prisoners are held in cells or in dorms with a guard in what they Call a bubble, to keep guards protected.No inmate is ever left out of site, to keep from the escapes And being able to achieve weapons, or even fights. There have actually been very televised riots in The prisons, but very little is leaked to the public.

Inside prison is a completely different life than out here on the streets. When a prisoner is Released back into the free world, they are placed on parole, so that they can be monitored. The Process starts months before the prisoner is released.

The parole officer will go check the residence where the prisoner will be released to, and they will either approve the residence or deny it.Upon release the prisoner must comply with all instructions, be it drug testing, checking in and whatever else is ordered of him. Most prisoners were released or will be released early for a good behavior. Truth in sentencing was adopted to ensure that prisoners serve at least a good portion of their sentence, instead of being released early on parole, in most states this is 85 percent time. The 85 percent time can be leading to overcrowding in the prisons, where if they held hearings and maybe released people back into the public as so, the cost of parole would be cheaper than housing the inmate in the prison.Now as you can see, the jails and prisons play big roles in the criminal justice field. Without Them, we might have more criminals running the streets. Also there would not be a deterrent for other criminals thinking of committing crimes.

It is definitely a system that we need in place, though I do believe there are a ton of areas that do need improvement, it is very important to remember, that each state may run a different system, so some may be running a more elaborate system than others.For now, the system works to keep civilians safe, and criminals safe to a degree from one another. Jail and Prison p 5 References Schmalleger, F. (2009).

Criminal Justice Today. An Introductory Text for the 21st Century (10th ed. ). Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/content/eBookLibrary2/content/TOC.

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