It’d be nice. Shift, Billy

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In a Kestrel For A Knave Billy doesn’t exactly live in the land of luxury. He wakes to a grim bedroom and an unpleasant brother on the other side of the single bed, Billy and Jud share: “There were no curtains up. The window was a hard-edged block the colour of the night sky… ” Already we see that his bedroom is so basic, that there are no curtains. In Billy’s house there is no heating and so to get a bit of heat he has a fire, no central heating. The home is where a person should feel at ease and relaxed, but Billy can’t enjoy this luxury because when he is at home his brother miss-treats him and his mother ignores him.

As Billy’s home isn’t pleasant he spends a lot of his time out side. Billy needs to have two worlds because the real world in which he lives in treat him bad. He gets a kestrel and trains and has a lot of time with it and in the end Billy doesn’t put a bet on for Jud and Jud looks for him but doesn’t find him, instead he kills Billy’s kestrel. Mrs. Casper is Billy’s mum and the only parent that Billy lives with. He doesn’t really get on with his mum, she never goes out and gets food she just tells Billy to go to the shop and get some sweets. ”Here, there’s two bob for you.

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Go and buy yourself some pop an’ some crisps or summat” so there’s showing she doesn’t have no food and can’t be bothered to go and get him food. She’s always bringing men home and always going out, everyone knows her as a tart really; she always is going around men and has a reputation for it. She said she just wants to settle down but she never does. ” There’s somebody treats you every night”. ”It’d be nice. Shift, Billy. ” She doesn’t really care about his school career she never asks if he has homework or how his day has been at school.

Billy’s mum didn’t go to the careers interview with him, when there was a boy who had his mum next to him. She doesn’t care if he’s late or not ”Do me a favour, love, and run t’shop for some fags” ”Gi’o’er now, mam, I’ll be late for school. ” Mrs. Casper doesn’t really care how Billy gets on in life, she wants him to get some cigarettes which obviously he’s not old enough to do. His mum is not bothered and tells him to get some cigarettes for her but he doesn’t want too he tells her to get them herself. She just goes crazy and tells him off for not getting him some cigarettes.


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