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Advertisement is one such aspect of our lives, which IT is also dramatically changing. With Christmas almost a full two months away one can is already being subjected to the pressures of the seasons with company’s imposing a supposed buying culture to further monopolize the market. Once a Christmas gift was a token of love and its value was not of the utmost importance. However commercialization enabled by the growth in the IT market has produced such changes in our society and will continue as with the IT growth.The world of today is so drastically different than that of yesterday one almost doesn’t want to think of it tomorrow. But has the evolution of the world always been so or is IT really making enough changes to the world that it can be considered a new one. The changes evident in recent decades have undoubtedly changed us in dramatic ways and also happened at remarkable rapid rate. With these changes being mostly attributed to IT, it must be said that IT is central to this brave new world we live in.

With the large increase in Internet usage online security issues have become a real concern for many. As there is so vast a category of information available on the Internet people security is being compromised. Credit card security is one such problem, which is becoming increasingly more evident. Notwithstanding the security concerns, there can be little doubt that web services technology is a real milestone in IT development.

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This leads us to question how great a world IT really is creating. Is it one of security and privacy problems where people are slowly being replaced by a new race machine/robots or is this new world going to be vastly better where information can be easily accessed and communication is an attribute taken for granted. Time is all that will tell how the world will change but certainly incredible change can be only expected with the presence of IT.One such example of the IT has given power to a small number of people who have access to it is evident in America With almost 90% of peoples news in America being coved by only 3 broadcasters the entire view of a nation can be shaped and molded into any belief.

This is oppressing people’s opinions and fundamental wrong but it is a reality of modern society today. In general media coverage of everything has been dramatically increased due to IT and it has the effect of change our own beliefs by how it shows and depicts scenes of mass importance. Ultimately People’s privacy and individualism is being challenged by the way IT is changing our society.IT throughout the next decade, In my opinion the next century may be the single most significant in the development of mankind and will be largely do to how the information technology sector growth continues. Taking this in to account one then comes to the question is technology really helping us and in our over reliance on technology going to lead to our eventual downfall. As we continue to replace every human task with technology our dependence on this technology is only increasing.IT is helping us develop immensely and so rapidly at the present but one is forced to asked the question is this developing really improving our livelihood or simply destroying societies morals and ethics. There is a worrying trend of technology replacing people, which will only increase further more in the future.

Unemployment is increasing as people are slowly being replaced.Also there is the ever more increasing notion that computers are safe whilst in fact it is quite entirely opposite in reality. They too have their faults and if our reliance on them continues to grow one can only imagine what would happen should they fail us. Everyone was so worried that the millennium bug would cause world wide disruption but it was prevented just in time but as technology grow to control even more basic aspects of our live what will happen when a similar crisis is noticed to late.Furthermore society today is lacking the face-to-face interaction, which is really needed for it to function in a proper manner.

The interaction between people is one of the fundamentals need for society to function together as a whole this is rapidly being replaced by email and other technology. And looked at in this way IT is quite evidently changing our society for the worse but this is only one aspect of how IT is changing us and with so many to consider any question regarding IT is indeed a complex matter.One could go on highlighting many more aspect which IT has changed and will continue to do so, but one must now consider the relevance of these changes are they really making us better or is IT changing our live for the worse This is a question that we can only speculate on at present and in due course only time will tell. At the end of the day one can undoubtedly say technology will transform the world forever with future generation becoming entirely reliant on it.

In conclusion IT is an integral part of our society and as computers develop their importance can only grow. One can only imagine how we shall become even more dependant on IT. And one can only hope that this reliance is for the better and not for the worse.


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