Introduction to Open Distance Learner

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Today’s technology bring us together closer, it allow us to communicate more conveniently and distant are no more a problem to let us connect to each other. The technology no also benefit the way we communicate, it also bring Online Learning become reality. The advent of ICT and the Internet has greatly influenced the way knowledge is transmitted. This has resulted in the development of Online Learning which also called as E-Learning. Online Learning is an established and popular method of learning, delivering education to millions of people all over the world.

In essence distance learning is when students are able to learn at a distance from the learning provider. In recent years the demand for online education options has grown exponentially. This is a result of the introduction of new instructional technologies that are revolutionizing the student learning experience. Traditionally online learning materials were delivered by paper materials, books, and CD-ROMs, resulting lots of difficulty and restriction during online learning.

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In recent years the popularity of online learning has exploded. The internet has enabled course content to be delivered by video, audio, Flash and animated graphics, and other interactive means. Plus students can interact in real-time on discussion forums and chat rooms. This all means that a lot of the major components of the delivery of learning are catered for online something that traditional distance learning lacked. Online Learning is a method of learning which you can learn by yourself at anytime and anywhere.

When you learning you are in the process of acquiring skill or knowledge. Online learning also offers a perfect combination of quality and convenience. A recent study indicates that the majority of employers, learning institutes and academics are invested in the opportunities distance learning brings to their employees or students. Demand for online learning courses stems from several audiences, including all spectrums of society, professionals, adult learners, school leavers, and school students.

Age is no more a issues because online learning allow various age range people especially golden citizen to continue their study as long they willing to study. According to local open university Malaysia, there is people aged 50 – 70 still choose to continue their study even already pension, that’s why online learning so flexible. The only requirement of Online Learning is you must have the internet access. Internet no doubt is the biggest database can be found around. With internet e can search a lot of useful information regarding our study such as online video tutorial like Youtube. Youtube are very useful resources for online learning because it allow us to search video tutorial which regarding our study or even lecturing video from other university. Online learner benefit in managing their own time schedule. Normally most of the online learner already in working status. They choose to study online because they can work during day and managing to study during night.

This allows the online learner to have constant income without sacrifice their time to study. In mean time they also learned how to manage their time table in effective way and ability to overcome any stress or problem easily. Most of the online learning is cost saving because it does not need a lot of money compare to normally college and university. The reason why it is cost saving because the only facility used most during online learning is internet. Thus saving a lot in facility fee and lecturer cost and eventually online learning become more cost effective.


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